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the paracelsus clinic was founded in 1958 near st. Galle, Switzerland. our clinic attracts patients from all over the world!

The clinic is named after Paracelsus, the father of alternative medicine, a Swiss physician and scientist who was a medical revolutionary 500 years ago. Because of the legacy he created, Switzerland is the only country in the world to enshrine access to alternative medicine in its national constitution as a basic human right.

early history

the paracelsus clinic was founded 63 years ago by dr. walter winkelmann, a renowned naturopath with a vision of making switzerland the center of a healthcare revolution.

dr. winkelmann also formed the swiss naturopathic society and eventually received an m.d. honorary. in recognition of his contributions to the Swiss medical community.

after his death, dr. Winkelmann’s daughters, both physicians, took over the management of the clinic. They expanded the medical and therapeutic staff and the clinic continued to grow.

The clinic faced a critical turning point when the time came for the Winkelmann daughters to retire. fortunately, at this time dr. thomas rau was willing to assume the leadership of paracelsus.

growth under dr. rau

Arriving as medical director in 1992, dr. Rau’s vision was to turn the clinic into an international center for a new system of medicine, which he called “biological medicine,” a system whose methods are now recognized and emulated throughout the world.

In biologic medicine, the focus is on understanding the underlying causes of disease, relieving them through natural methods, and then helping the body develop its immune and self-regulatory forces. this reflects how the body actually works and is in stark contrast to the approach of conventional medicine.

Arriving as medical director in 1992, the vision of dr. rau was to turn the clinic into an international center for biological medicine.

dr rau has continuously improved and expanded the methods of biological medicine, so today biological medicine includes a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

One of his first innovations was that medicine and dentistry must be combined to restore the patient to health. early on, he recognized that virtually every patient had a contributing oral health problem. for this reason, the paracelsus campus includes a state-of-the-art dental department, including an in-house laboratory.

dr. rau has also led the expansion of the clinic in various directions. First, he recruited and trained more medical personnel. secondly, he promoted the innovation of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Third, he has led the expansion of the clinic’s capacity and physical campus. Finally, he has managed the clinic’s outreach programs to expand the availability of biologics throughout the world.

paracelsus clinic today

since dr. rau left, clĂ­nica paracelsus had different medical directors and continues to adapt to global changes. our focus has changed to focus more and more on local patients and offer treatment programs to suit today’s health issues. paracelsus clinic is one of the few clinics in the world that can offer solutions for chronic diseases where conventional medicine does not.

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