10 books by Welsh authors your children should read this summer

Welsh author famous for children’s books

Kids should never get bored on school holidays if you give them a good book.

These are just some great reads by Welsh or Welsh-based authors that will keep you happy and fuel your imagination too.

1. Accidental Pirates: Journey to the Magical North

full of monsters, magic and sea shanties, this pirate adventure by new Welsh author claire fayers was recently chosen as the waterstones book of the month.

first-time author claire fayers was born and raised in south wales and lives in cardiff.

His book, The Accidental Pirates: Voyage to the Magical North is the first in a new series, The Accidental Pirates: Pirate Adventures Fueled by Friendship, Magic, and Life-Changing Adventure.

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  • what is the book about?

    Accidental Pirates: Voyage to the Magical North follows 12-year-old orphan Brine and the hateful wizard’s apprentice, Peter, who end up on a fantastical voyage across the seven seas with the legendary pirate ship the Onion. His latest quest is to find the mysterious magical north, which most people don’t believe exists, but is said to be full of magic and hidden treasures.

    claire will be signing copies of her book on saturday august 6th at waterstones, carmarthen.

    2. ben and the spider prince

    This is the second book by Pontypridd-based author Angela Fish , a retired academic and former professor at the University of South Wales. It is a follow-up to her debut book Ben and the Spider Gate and is aimed at a core market of children ages five to eight.

    what is the book about?

    lox is the gatekeeper of the spider kingdom under the hedge in ben’s garden. He asks Ben for help to make a magic potion to cure the Spider Prince, but can Ben find them in time? he encounters some unusual creatures on his search that aren’t as scary as they seem.

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    • 3. Steve and the Singing Pirates

      the continuation of steve’s dreams, and steve and the sabertooth tiger by cardiff born writer dan anthony.

      dan has also written extensively for radio and television and in addition to plays, documentaries and adult stories, he also writes children’s screenplays and is the author of the rugby zombies trilogy.

      what is the book about?

      Life is hard for nine-year-old Steve, and no one understands it, especially his family and his music teacher. But when the dream library calls, Steve takes the lead in an 18th-century sing-off with a ruthless edge.

      4. the bfg

      This year saw the release of Spielberg’s new film, BFG, and with 2016 marking the centenary of his birth, we can’t leave out Cardiff-born Roald Dahl, who is one of the world’s most beloved children the authors. Dahl’s books have sold millions worldwide, and his classics include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches, and Matilda.

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      • What is the book about?

        The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) tells the story of a friendly vegetarian giant who befriends orphaned girl Sophie and whisks her away to Giantland. the bfg explains that he is a dream-blowing giant who spends his nights giving children cute dreams.

        5. superstar thimble monkey

        a new story for primary readers written by jon blake from cardiff. His first story was published in 1984 and since then he has made a living as a writer of books, TV and radio scripts, and as a teacher of creative writing.

        his previous books include you’re a hero, daley b, and the last free cat.

        What is the book about?

        When Thimble shows up at Jam’s door, he can’t believe his luck. but for some reason dad is not so interested. in fact, he does everything he can to lose the new monkey on the block: at a police station, a school, or even at the zoo. But Thimble is always one step ahead, and when her new family is in serious trouble, she proves why she’s a cute superstar.

        6. Aubrey and the Terrible Yot

        a book aimed at children ages 8 to 12 and written by horatio clare, who along with his editor penny thomas, won the 2016 branford boase award. the award is given annually to the writer and editor of an outstanding children’s debut novel

        clare grew up on a farm on a hill in the black mountains near crickhowell while thomas lives in cardiff.

        what is the book about?

        aubrey and the terrible yoot tells the story of the rambunctious boy aubrey and his determination, with the help of the rushing wooden animals, to save his father, jim, when he falls under the spell of the spirit of despair itself yuck!

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        • 7. the darkest of days

          An English edition by author Gareth F Williams, six-time winner of the Tir Na Nog Children’s Book Awards and former winner of the Welsh Language Award at the Welsh Book of the Year Awards.

          what is the book about?

          The novel is based on the Senghennydd disaster of October 1913, the worst tragedy in Welsh coal mining history, when 439 workers, including men and children, perished.

          8. scrambled

          a story of kids, bikes, art classes and some not-so-tough bullies by huw davies.

          English teacher Huw is originally from Nantyffyllon, near Maesteg, and Scrambled is set in the fictional town of Maesunig in the Dales. It is Huw’s first book for children.

          What is the book about?

          davidde has always been a model student (even if his parents had spelling problems). But now, annoyed by the kooky new principal and hassled by Lyndon’s gang, he’s had enough. he then discovers a scrambled motorcycle and everything changes. But when TV talent comes to town, will Davide reach for the stars or is he headed for a downfall?

          9. matilda

          There’s no escaping the fact that Roald Dahl is one of the best-read children’s authors and if your kids haven’t figured it out yet, there’s no better time than the present, so the master storyteller makes another appearance, this one. time with her book matilda.

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          • As with many of her books, Matilda has been a hit movie and musical, as well as a hit book. it was first published in 1988.

            What is the book about?

            Matilda is a bookish, intelligent girl who is sent to a school run by the cruel Miss Trunchbull. She befriends the kind teacher Miss Honey, who is surprised to discover what special talents her young friend really has.

            10. island of elen

            Originally from llantrisant, author eloise williams now lives in saundersfoot and worked for many years as an actress before turning to writing. she is also a qualified teacher. Elen’s Island was her first book and it was published in 2015.

            What is the book about?

            When her parents send her to stay with a grandmother she barely knows for the summer, Elen is furious. my grandmother lives on a small island and she doesn’t like it either; not an easy start.

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