What car was used in the new batman movie

What car was used in the new batman movie

Video What car was used in the new batman movie

Each new Batmobile is a new version of Bruce Wayne’s journey against crime. For 2022’s Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, the Batmobile began life for him as a 1968-1970 Bruce Wayne teenage Dodge Charger who drove in underground street races. When Wayne became a masked vigilante, he put together his old muscle car. To film the movie, director Matt Reeves had three stunt cars built with V8 engines and one with a Tesla transmission.

what kind of car is the new batmobile?

The new Batmobile featured in the 2022 film began life as a 1968-1970 Dodge Charger. Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne used it as a street racer before modifying it to help him fight crime.

Still from 2022

Batmobile from 2022’s The Batman | Warner Bros via Matt Reeves’ Twitter

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the 2022 batman movie prequel is actually a book. Before the Batman: An Original Motion Picture Novel is Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne/Batman origin story. The young orphan fixed up an old muscle car himself, won some illegal street races, and then modified his car to go even faster.

After the Riddler’s sabotage nearly killed one of Wayne’s competitors during a race, the young billionaire turned to fighting crime. he modified his old race car with armor, weapons, and an afterburner to help him chase down criminals.

According to the Batman movie, this Batmobile features huge wheels, raised suspension, a rear-mounted V10 engine and sloped fenders. This homemade widebody kit gives you wings like those on a corvette or bat. But underneath all the modifications, the car still has the roofline and windows of a 1968-70 Dodge Charger.

what is the new engine of the batmobile?

in the 2022 batman movie, bruce wayne removed the rear window and trunk of his dodge charger batmobile to install a huge rear engine. this is a ford triton v10 with a series of turbochargers and an exhaust afterburner.

Detail shot of the new batmobile

Batmobile from 2022’s The Batman | Warner Bros via Matt Reeves’ Twitter

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it seems obvious that this rear motor drives the rear wheels of the huge loader through some kind of transaxle. the setup may be intended to improve the big car’s weight distribution, and it also seems tough as a nail.

The Charger Batmobile is reminiscent of the mid-engined Dodge Charger featured in Fast and Furious 9. Not surprisingly, Batman’s picture car team includes Fast and Furious 9 alumni: Nico Ferrari, Nick Murray and Lil’ gwynne. Thomas.

Bruce Wayne’s Dodge Charger didn’t start life as a rear-engined car. Top-of-the-line factory engines available in this car include the 426 hemi v8 designed for nascar, or the lower-compression, higher-displacement 440 hemi v8 sought after by hot rodders.

The 2022 Batmobile still features side-exit exhaust pipes just in front of the doors and some kind of high-tech air intake. all of these mods would help a front-mounted engine breathe. Does this batmobile have two motors? we’ll just have to watch the movie to find out.

what kind of car is the 2022 batmobile?

Director Matt Reeves commissioned four stunt cars built with second-generation Dodge Chargers for the 2022 Batman. Traditional V8 engines power three of the stunt cars, while one has a Tesla drivetrain.

Robert Pattinson as Batman and his modified 1968-70 Charger batmobile.

Batmobile from 2022’s The Batman | Warner Bros via Matt Reeves’ Twitter

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for the release of batman in 2022, warner bros held a screening at one of the filming locations in the batcave. they turned the studio into a museum of sorts, complete with props, costumes, and vehicles used in the film.

A private supercar collector with a YouTube channel called “rana65556” attended the premiere and took a tour of the new Batmobile. the video of him is one of the closest looks yet of the new car. Best of all, someone from the film crew gives you the technical details of the stunt vehicle.

The crew member, perhaps Nico Ferrari or Nick Murray, explains that director Matt Reeves had four stunt cars built for the vehicle. three, including the Batmobile at the premiere, were built around “650 v8 brake horsepower”.

later one of these had its motor removed “for gimbal rig work”. this means that an arm was attached to the vehicle with a camera for panoramic shots of the vehicle and/or its occupants.

The fourth and final Batmobile featured a tesla drivetrain. why an electric conversion muscle car batmobile? the crew member revealed that they built an ev batmobile, “so it would be quiet: they could use it on stage, they could use it for night work.”

You can read about batman’s street racing past or watch the video of the batmobile in the premiere below:

see more videos of the new batmobile on display:

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