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When a movie or TV show becomes popular with the audience, small studios make their versions. as a result, we get these pirated versions. however, if you haven’t found any, you may be surprised to find so many. so here are 20 epic bootleg versions of popular shows and movies to brighten your day.

1. Finding Jesus: It’s not that hard to guess which epic pirate version of the movie this is. Two friends visit a bay where they tell Jesus stories all day long.

Finding Jesus: The Ten Commandments by crappyoffbrands

2. An imitation of Disney’s “Aladdin,” “Aladin und die Wunderlampe” is a similar story in German.

has to be a special edition or something from crappyoffbrands

3. this rip-off of “cars”, the life of a car, has sparks as the protagonist and also goes in search of his life’s mission. this one also features car adventures.

funny story: I like this movie by crappyoffbrands

4. the “kung fu panda” scam, hilariously named “chop kick panda”, has zibo as its central character.

Chop Kick Panda (Video 2011) - Bootleg versions

5. the titles seemingly get more and more fun. This is an imitation of the “Incredible Hulk”, called the Incredible Bulge. however, here the rage monster turns purple.

The Amazing Bulk (2012) directed by Lewis Schoenbrun • Reviews, film + cast • Letterboxd

6. “Ratatoing” has Marcelle Toing as the central character, and he is also a chef. except, unlike ratatouille, he steals ingredients to make his dishes the best.

famous chef ratatoing! by crappyoffbrands

7. an imitation of the lord of the rings:

my friend found this at a thrift store. unfortunately the dvd no longer works. by crappyoffbrands

8. The imitation of the “Thor” movie, “Almighty Thor”, also features a god whose hammer of invincibility is stolen by an evil god.

one of the rare timelines loki carefully avoided visiting by crappyoffbrands

9. The following scam is from Captain America: “Battle Captain: Legacy War”, it has almost the same story as Captain America. however, the battle captain and his mate, jane, have to fight an army of the dead.

ah, yes… my favorite movie. battle captain! war of legacies!!! by crappyoffbrands

10. “the fast and the fierce” is not just a scam; it is also a cross between “fast and furious” and “speed”. would you see it?

Why would a streaming site have these kinds of movies? by crappyoffbrands

11. there are many imitations of “pacific rim”, one of which is “atlantic rim”.

probably done before by crappyoffbrands

12. An imitation of “godzilla vs. kong”, “ape vs. monster” is a recent release from 2021. It also features a fight between the monster and the ape.

Ape vs. Monster - Official Trailer - YouTube

13. here is a Japanese version of “it”, called “it”, which is also a horror movie.

That’s the scariest movie I’ve ever seen in my life! by crappyoffbrands

14. the “home alone” imitation “alone bone” features a dog left alone at his grandmother’s house. Surprisingly, the dog fights with the thieves using his best tricks.

bone only by crappyoffbrands

15. we also came across an imitation of “robocop” called “android cop”.

Bootleg versions Android Cop

16. “the sneak over” is a spin-off of “stranger things”, where henry hudson also finds a group of nerds and also helps them fight against the neighborhood bullies.

found this at my local walmart lol from crappyoffbrands

17. “the samsonadzes” is a copy of “the simpsons”. however, it is a Georgian animated show and was first broadcast in Georgia. it’s also a sitcom.

The Samsonadzes (2009) Bootleg versions

18. “The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican & the pioneers of tomorrow’” is also a copy of the looney tunes and mickey mouse.


19. “Anastasia’s Secret” is a copy of “Anastasia” featuring a teenage girl living in the Romanov Palace.

couldn’t find the great mouse detective but found this from crappyoffbrands

20. Surprisingly, there are many bootleg versions of Disney movies. however, “simba the lion king: the final battle” is a spin-off of disney’s jungle book.

who’s excited for movie night? by crappyoffbrands

So, there are countless pirated versions of popular movies and TV shows, and the list has just begun. however, some of them are not all bad. let us know if you have seen any of these or any other than this one? tell us what you think.

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