When will the new dr strange movie come out

When will the new dr strange movie come out

Video When will the new dr strange movie come out

when is the release date for doctor strange 3? Stephen Strange might have calmed down the MCU’s pretty wacky multiverse with a little help from his friends, but the gloomiest street wizard still can’t rest. New magical threats keep appearing, and the good doctor has sworn to protect our world from them.

With doctor strange 2 ending in not one but two cliffhangers, there are plenty of places for the next installment. There’s a plethora of comic book material that the next Doctor Strange action movie could be based on, from battles with demonic invaders to wizard duels. basically, the future is as infinite as the multiverse is for the sorcerer supreme. so what can we say for sure about the doctor strange 3 release date?

well, to learn these hidden secrets, we researched the library of kamar-taj, queried the darkhold, and explored the web. don’t worry. we managed to avoid marvel spoiler snipers. So here’s everything we know about a possible Third Doctor Strange movie. spoiler warning ahead…

doctor strange 3 release date speculation

Doctor Strange 3 has yet to be officially announced, so it doesn’t have a release date beyond September 2022. That said, the ending of Doctor Strange 2 clearly sets up a sequel.

If we were to make an educated guess, if a third movie gets the green light, we’d expect to hear whispers of Doctor Strange 3 in the coming days and months before an official announcement.

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The first doctor strange was released in 2016, and multiverse of madness wasn’t released until 2022, but we wouldn’t expect the third chapter of stephen’s story to take that long.

The reason for the massive delay between the first doctor strange movie and its sequel has more to do with the impact the final game had on the slightly troubled production of the mcu, covid-19, and the multiverse of madness.

Doctor Strange 3 release date: Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange

doctor strange 3 plot speculation

if doctor strange 3 is greenlit, we hope the movie picks up where the multiverse of madness left off. stephen will likely continue to deal with the effects of the dark magic he used during his battle with wanda. The darkest street magician will also have to face newcomer Clea (Charlize Theron).

In the comics, Clea is a disciple of Strange who eventually becomes his wife before succeeding him as Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme.

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clea is related to the fearsome dormammu, the demonic being defeated by stephen in his first movie, so it’s possible that the threat strange warns about is his return.

who knows? you can never predict which path the mcu will take. When we talked to Benedict Wong about a possible sequel, he told us about his own idea for a weird third movie.

“I like the idea of ​​secret wars: bring everyone together, introduce a new batch [of adversaries],” he explained. “yeah i think secret wars would be [where i want doctor strange 3 to go].”

Doctor Strange 3 release date: Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange

doctor strange 3 cast speculation

If doctor strange 3 gets the nod from kevin feige, we imagine benedict cumberbatch will return as stephen strange.

In a recent interview with the new indian express, cumberbatch definitely seemed open to the idea of ​​a third film, saying, “i would love to do another one. doctor strange is such a complex character, and there seems to be so much more to explore with him. he’s such a brilliant character, and I’m still having a blast playing him.”

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It’s likely that benedict wong will return as well. when we spoke to him, he couldn’t confirm anything, but he seemed pretty relaxed about his return.

“You know, you get a call about two months later,” he told digital fix. they say, ‘will you come to australia and get into a cage fight?’ then you just say ‘yes’ and that’s it.”

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xochitl gómez, who plays américa chávez, also said that he would like to return for the final installment of the trilogy. “I’m totally open to that!” She told us. “yeah, just being in the movie would be great. of course working with [benedict wong] again.”

considering they just introduced charlize theron as clea, she’ll likely be back too.

doctor strange 3 cast speculation:

  • benedict cumberbatch as doctor strange
  • benedict wong as wong
  • charlize theron as clea
  • xochitl gomez as america chavez

if you’re looking for more marvel content in the meantime, we’ve got guides on black panther 2, moon knight season 2, and even avengers 5.

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