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7 to 4 movie review

Video 7 to 4 movie review

debuting filmmaker vijay sekhar sankranthi produces and directs this week’s premiere ‘7 to 4’. The film stars Anand Bachu, Raj Bala, Radhika, and Loukya in lead roles. let’s see how it is.


7 to 4 shows a team of four young men and their variety of punishments for those who resort to sexual assaults on women in Hyderabad at night.

These four protagonists target sexual crime suspects and also those who are on the police watch list. The story is about the team’s quest to catch these criminals and punish them between 7pm and 4am.

why do these four friends form a team? what is your connection to the police department? And how do you manage all this? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

The main selling point of the film is the idea that the filmmakers tried to convey through an interesting story. they should be appreciated for creating a film that tackles the sexual abuse of women in a very innovative way.

The variety of punishments to which the team subjects the culprits will entertain lovers of commercial films. the film’s crisp 100-minute length is another bonus. Even though the entire cast is relatively new, they’ve performed extremely well.

negative points:

The main negative point of the film is the lack of strong emotion in the story. The whole movie feels like a bland police operation that is a mix of certain suspense elements and some crime scenes.

Certain scenes seem repetitive. characterizations of the main cast seem rather weak. the lackluster script bores the audience until the preclimax. the movie ends abruptly and the violence has spilled over into certain scenes.

technical aspects:

The music and cinematography departments get the brownie points. all the songs are situational and are decent to listen to. The title song sung by Usha Uthup sets the right mood. Certain innovative camera angles show Prabhath’s eye for novelty. editing is adequate.

director and producer vijay sekhar sankranthi’s thought behind making a film that focuses on a social issue is appreciable. however, the director fails to narrate the story in an engaging manner with his emotionless proceedings. production value are decent.


7 to 4 follows the traditional narrative format of a thriller in which several small and intriguing subplots are intertwined with the main theme. an impressive main cast and an interesting story are the highlights of this movie. however, the lack of a strong emotional connection and the over-the-top violent scenes let the film down entirely. rating: 2.5/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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