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Adbutham movie review

Continuing the trend of reviewing low-budget movies, today’s choice is adbhutam, which stars teja sajja and shivani rajasekhar as the main leads. the movie is now airing on disney hot star and let’s see what it’s like.


surya(teja sajja) is upset with his life and decides to end it by committing suicide. but at the last minute, he sends a message to her own number saying that no one is responsible for her death. But this message reaches a girl named Vennela (Shivani Rajasekhar) in 2014. Shocked by this, Surya starts talking to Vennela on the phone and falls in love with her as time goes by. How will two people meet in different worlds and time zones? which forms the story.

positive points:

this is teja sajja’s debut movie, but it’s released now. he looks handsome in his role as suriya and gives a no-nonsense performance. In all his scenes with Sivaji Raja, who plays his father, Teja moves quite well.

shivani rajasekhar is also impeccable in his role. Although she seems a bit naive at the beginning of the film, she does well as the film progresses. she, as the home girl, has a decent screen presence and does well. comedian satya does a decent job as suriya’s sidekick.

The first half of the movie is decent in how it establishes the main point of the story. the impulse shown by the main pair to meet has been executed well.

negative points:

The movie has a decent theme, but it’s spoiled by a dull narrative. after a decent first half, the movie slows down a bit. Instead of revealing the truth behind the phone call connection, the filmmakers drag the movie down with a boring love story.

also, there is not much emotional touch in the film as the key characters seem a bit forced. the way the leading couple reacts to key connection situations from different time zones should have been revealed in a more exciting way. the movie also has the same story and premise as the Telugu playback of the movie.

technical aspects:

Even though the movie was made in 2016, it looks fresh and has good production values. the music is decent and so was the bgm. the dialogues are good and so was the production design. the editing could have been better as the film needs to be trimmed by at least ten minutes.

As for director malik ram, his story is fine. although the basic thread is good, the plot and the way he executed the movie was boring. a good scene is marred by a very predictable and overly dramatic situation.


Overall, adbhutam has a good premise and a decent first half. teja sajja and shivani do well in this movie, but a slightly dull second half and the deja vu factor of the story make this movie acceptable to watch this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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