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Brothers review. Brothers Bollywood movie review, story, rating –

Brother hindi movie review

Brothers review. Brothers Bollywood movie review, story, rating -

what is it about?

lacking the ‘dharma’ required of action packed emotional karma. ‘Brothers,’ starring Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra, is an easy, boring, simple, obvious, boring remake of the 2011 Hollywood movie ‘Warrior,’ starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton.

Although the original relied on the tried, tried but trusted clichés, the incredible “warrior” action sequences, controlled emotional drive, and interesting eccentricity associated with the Tom Hardy character did the trick.

the fame of ‘agneepath’ karan malhotra this time does not do justice. What could have been a double dose of action and excitement with an action superstar like Akshay and an up-and-coming Sidharth on hand? Director Karan, with more resources at his disposal, oddly does a “soutela vyavahar” (step-brother treatment) at the given opportunity and delivers an unimaginative and boring experience that is also unintentionally funny at times.

nevertheless, the presence of action king akshay kumar and a reformed sidharth (even in a poorly established character) outweighs the flaws to some extent, sparing negative feedback at least from die-hard fans.

but beyond the star power and favorable holiday weekend, the ability of the ‘brothers’ to deliver a knockout blow on the merit of their content seems elusive.

the story

gary (jackie shroff), a veteran mma (mixed martial arts) fighter, is released from prison and is greeted by his youngest son, monty (sidharth malhotra). The eldest son David (Akshay Kumar) does not care about his father and his half brother Monty.

The Indian adaptation of Gavin O’Connor and Cliff Dorfman’s original story of Ekta Pathak Malhotra has a major flaw in ignoring and not properly establishing the character of the eccentric younger brother as seen in the original.

if this was deliberate to pander to akshay kumar’s superstar status and control the exposure of up-and-coming sidharth malhotra, then even worse.

however, the story goes further. His older brother David lives with his seriously ill 6-year-old daughter Maria and his wife Jenny (Jacqueline Fernández). The former MMA fighter works as a physics teacher and when necessary he returns to the world of punches, bone crunches and fights as an underground fighter as these types of fights are banned in India.

entrepreneur peter breganza (kiran kumar) reforms mma and gives it a facelift by hosting the world famous ‘r2f’ (right to fight) tournament in india, which raises a prize pool of 9 million rupees.

monty – already an underground street fighter wants to come in and take back his father’s pride and honor.

David was fired from his job as a physics teacher due to his street fighting and when it comes out he has no choice but to participate and win the prize money to take care of his daughter’s illness.

The final reels see David and Monty standing as opponents in the ring for the grand finale and who wins.

what to consider

akshay kumar in great shape. gets the best action scenes. A reformed Sidharth Malhotra, a fantastic Jackie Shroff after a long time, and Shefali Chaya all give a winning performance. Akshay and Sidharth’s work sessions are energetic. that’s the saving grace of this slow, over-the-top remake.

what not?

The writer and director fail to establish the conflict between David and Monty. the lethargic pace makes this 148-minute saga a dull and exhausting watch. taking too long to get to the point with the most inopportune song with kareena kapoor appearing out of nowhere at a crucial moment.

symbolizing the plastic corporate spreadsheet and the unrealistic approach of the creators. It takes a song to drive marketing and music rights, so here it is.

The action is fine, but for grip enthusiasts it has nothing exciting to offer. you will find the most exciting wwe episodes and videos.

ekta pathak malhotra tries to adapt it to Indian sensibilities but fails, setting and surroundings lack Indian colors.

Jacqueline Fernandez is reduced to a show piece and her crazy wild reactions to Akshay’s fight scenes are unintentionally hilarious. ditto for the school principal played by kharbanda’s hilarious leap for joy.

tried, tried but trusted clichés if not established and done with less conviction results in unintentional humor and sadly the most significant and touching part of the brothers turns into an over the top funny event especially during the climax. what could have been a strong shoulder turns into tears of disappointment and disappointment.

baju bane aasoo – We expected much more from the trusty stables of dharma and malhotra.

conclusion: ‘brothers’ is a big disappointment. The easy, boring, plain, obvious, boring remake of Hollywood’s ‘Warrior’ struggles to become an emotional, action-packed family drama, even after an excellent Akshay and a reformed Sidharth. you can still see it if you are an akshay, sidharth die hard. otherwise take your call.

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