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E telugu movie review

Continuing the trend of low budget movies, a new movie titled e ee has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


siddhu (neeraj shyam) is a young man who absolutely hates women. One fine day, a lady named Hasini (Nyra Shah) joins her office as her MD. siddhu problems get even worse with time. one fine day when siddhu goes on tour with his office mates, he argues with hasini. an annoyed siddhu starts cursing the women which is heard by a swamiji who in turn curses siddhu because he will soon fall in love with hasini. what will happen now? siddhu who does not like women will fall in love with hasini? to know the answers, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

The second half of the movie has some good moments. the way things turn upside down for the main leads and how their genders change, all of these issues have been presented in a very funny way.

the heroine nyra shah does a very good job in her role. the way he showed emotion in the second half is quite noticeable. Coming to the Neeraj hero, he’s almost fine in her role. the scenes shown about the hero’s family and friends turned out quite well.

negative points:

one of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the first half. until the explosion of the interval, the procedures are quite routine and boring. all the scenes showing the hero’s office don’t irritate you at all.

the way the swamiji curses the hero and all the scenes related to that episode have not been shown convincingly. there is absolutely no chemistry between the main couple and that disturbs the flow of the movie. the climax of the movie looks quite forced and contrived.

technical aspects:-

Amar’s camera work is almost normal. the edit is pathetic as a part of the first half could have been removed. production values ​​are pretty decent. coming to director ram, he has done a half job with the movie. he narrates the movie on a very dull note and only tightens his grip during the last part of the movie. If he had just kept up the pace from the start, things would have been pretty exciting.


Overall, e ee has an interesting premise that is marred by lackluster direction in the first half. things get interesting only during the second half and make for a passable watch. if you make it through the horrible first half, this movie has a few moments that will keep you hooked. rating: 2.5/5

reviewed by 123telugu team

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