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Gunturodu telugu movie review

Video Gunturodu telugu movie review

manchu manoj is in desperate need of a hit and has teamed up with director sk satya, a protégé of puri jagannadh, for a commercial entertainment film. let’s see if gunturodu will provide much needed rest manoj or not…


Kanna (manchu manoj) is a happy and lucky guy who brings headaches to his father (rajendra prasad) with his arrogance towards “bad people”. he falls in love with a beautiful girl amrutha (pragya jaiswal). In one incident, Kanna accidentally beats up Amrutha’s brother Seshu (Sampath Raj), a criminal lawyer who aspires to become an MLA with the help of Sitting MLA (Kota Srinivasa Rao).

Over a period of time, amrutha accepts kanna’s love. Meanwhile, Seshu finds Kanna’s identity and waits for the right time to eliminate him. how kanna confronts sampath and what happens with kanna and amrutha’s love is the crux of the story…


1. cinematography 2. action episodes 3. music


1. formulaic story 2. extended climax 3. romance clue


newcomer director satya opted for a formulaic script. he was very concerned with the design of each and every one of the characters in the film. manchu manoj is shown as a kind of arrogant nature. on the other hand, sampath raj, a local character and criminal lawyer, is shown as a selfish guy who crosses all limits to punish those who hurt his ego. what happens when arrogant man manoj handles sampath raj publicly? by the way, the girl manoj loves is sampath’s sister. the narration is good until the characters are introduced. however, there is no other strong element to propel the film forward in the second half. so the last part is like a cat and rat fight between manoj and sampath. Manoj and Pragya’s romantic track wasn’t that impressive. the father-son bond between manoj and rajendra prasad was touching. the sequence of rajendra prasad requesting sampath to save him manoj’s son from a criminal case was emotional. after an intense action sequence, as the audience prepares to exit predicting the climax, the director extended the story to end the film on a lighter note.

artist performances:

manchu manoj looked heavy with a bulky figure. he was seen in a never-before-seen action avatar. in fact, manoj rehearsed the role perfectly. he apparently worked hard on fights. manoj was too good at the ‘rise of heroism’ episodes. pragya jaiswal was beautiful in the role of amrutha. she looked equally beautiful in modern and traditional attire. pragya exudes glamor in the songs is a crowd pleaser. rajendra prasad is a great asset as manoj’s father. he showed his experience in key sequences. Sampath Raj was apt for the role of a self-serving lawyer. kota srinivasa rao was fine in a supporting role. praveen and satya provide laughter. prithvi was fine. other artists interpreted the roles of him accordingly.

technical aspect:

satya is a protégé of the mass director puri jagannadh. she therefore knows how to tackle the action episodes which are the best part of gunturodu. the way she handled the action sequences was a feast for mass audiences. the three action scenes: the introduction of the hero, the pre-interval and the pre-climax were impressive. the story of the film was not unique. but, with perfect character writing and acting, he made it seem fresh. the dialogues were good in some parts. dj vasanth’s music was lovely. although bgm is copied, she interpreted it properly. Siddharth Ramaswamy’s cinematography needs a special mention. Karthik Srinivas’ editing work was mediocre. production values ​​are good.


gunturodu has the potential to attract massive audiences. however, the fate of the film depends on how it is received by other sectors of the audience.


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