Naruto: How old is Naruto in Boruto?

How old is naruto in boruto the movie

Video How old is naruto in boruto the movie

Anime is known for not having consistent ages. Naruto and Boruto are no different. With various time jumps throughout the franchise, it’s often difficult to decipher the actual age of these shinobi.

boruto isn’t perfect by any means, but it does give fans of the original series, naruto, one thing. the chance to see your favorite characters again. An important question that constantly arises in the minds of fans is how old are these characters.

some just look a little older, while others seem to have aged a good number of years. With visible changes at either end of the spectrum, it’s hard to tell if it was due to age or simply a side effect of having vibrant, rambunctious children.

this post will break down the age of naruto uzumaki. In particular, being in the spotlight as the protagonist of Naruto and Boruto’s father, many have wondered how old he is in Boruto: The Next Generations of Naruto.

naruto uzumaki’s age in boruto

boruto has confirmed that approximately 15 years have passed since the ninja war. At the time, it was speculated that Naruto would be around 17 years old. in the interval between shows, he was a busy man. Naruto married, became Hokage, and had a hand in conceiving not one, but two children.

With this information and a bit of math, it’s safe to assume that Naruto was around 32 years old when Boruto: Naruto Next Generation began. ultimately, this makes for quite a young father. Despite this, Naruto is often considered to be an exceptionally wise old man.

how does naruto’s age affect his upbringing?

No one is perfect, especially in the world of anime. This leads to an unsurprisingly complicated relationship between Naruto and his children. one could only imagine how demanding naruto’s job as hokage is.

Unsurprisingly, he has many responsibilities that keep him away from home. This often leads to him not being seen as the best father, especially in the eyes of his son, Boruto Uzumaki.

Given his age, Naruto clearly doesn’t have much experience when it comes to parenting. however, he does his best. he makes sure not to treat his children differently just because his father is hokage. Naruto’s protective and benevolent nature is shown when he cares for his sick daughter, Himawari.

also, naruto realized that he was neglecting his family because of his work. Choosing his family over Hokage, Naruto took a leave of absence to spend more time at home. this allowed him to attend family days and grow as a husband and father.

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