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How to download a movie on iphone

hi, i just joined the iphone users league, yes? Hurrah! welcome aboard! I guess you’re pretty euphoric, like a lot of us.

first of all, you have a powerful tool to take those stunning jpegs that would leave your homes starring almost forever, yes!

also, you are entranced with that feeling of being a great photographer! well, we both know you’re not, but we’d keep it our little secret (lol), all thanks to the little wand you have in your possession! (shake it for a magical sensation).

apparently, you’ve learned to maneuver your way by learning how your phone works, but come on, you have to learn about other functions too, but you have to go places, hang out with friends, keep it up. date that special person, you know (winks).

you need to hit the gym to burn that fat, plus complete your dentist appointment… arrgh! and you know you can’t always go out with your computer but you have to download those blockbuster movies that came out recently but here you are sulking and beating yourself up for not being able to download those movies on your iphone.

hey! worry no more as I have you covered on this. all you need to do is grab a burger and a shake while we take a ride on ways on how to download movies on iphone and hey, read carefully between the lines! and you can earn something for being such a meticulous reader!

method 1: how to download a movie on an iphone without a computer

so this is the first way you can download a movie on your iphone without having to connect to a computer or sync through itunes or any other online video downloader.

However, if the latter seems preferable to you, ie downloading from the website, you just need to take a painkiller and continue, as it will be fully explained later. With that, let’s get started since you’re about to learn with the following steps!

step 1: connect your iphone to a wifi or mobile network

first of all, the first criterion for downloads of any kind is the availability of an internet connection, be it wi-fi or a mobile network.

Which you choose, just make sure you’re connected to the internet.

Connect your iPhone to wi-Fi

step 2: launch the google play movies and tv app

Sitting somewhere in your apps is a little friend of ours, called the google play movies and tv app. touch it gently to open it.

Launch into the google play movies and TV app

step 3: search

find the movie you would like to download

Search the movie you would like to download

step 4: download

There is a download icon that appears almost immediately. click on it

voila! you’re already downloading that movie!

(ding ding!) an incoming email notification…

finally! you breathed a sigh of relief thinking it was that email you were waiting for and of course the adrenaline rush at work and you’re itching to open it and read it, which you did. only to find out it’s a reminder from the pet shop to get billy’s food from the market before noon.

hell! I never forgot in the first place, you told yourself.

Now you’re back where you started. so how can i watch my downloaded movie?

don’t worry, just follow the same steps up to step 3, library, then tap the menu and click “downloaded only“. there you have it!

well this is just one of the 4 ways you can download a movie on iphone and the simplest one. So, this is the second way you can download movies on iphone from websites.

method 2: how to download movies on iphone through websites

Most of the online video download services are easily found on google search engines, ie they are absolutely easy to find and also easy to use. you have some of them like download 6, video grabby etc. but for the purpose of this article, download 6 will be used as an illustration of an easier way to download movies directly to your iphone by following the steps below


Step 1: Firstly, you need to download the “download 6” app from your phone’s app store; install and run it.

download 6 app

Step 2: To open the browser, tap the round blue button at the bottom right

To open the browser

step 3: go to io transfer online video downloader and paste the link of the youtube movie in the indicated box. then click “download to iphone”.

download to iPhone

Step 4 – You will be prompted to choose the desired output quality and a video format. then click the download button to continue.

Step 5 – However, you will be prompted to preset a name for the file. an output route will be set by default. tap “save” to start the movie download.


Step 6: After the download is complete, return to the main interface of document 6 and select “downloads”. long press on the movie you just downloaded, then choose “camera roll” to save the movie.

…arrgh! this second method sounds like rocket science to me, isn’t there something easier than this? plus this would cost me a buck, especially when my network speed sucks. Of course, there is something much easier that could save you from paying extra fees to download or rent movies from iTunes or any other online movie services.

let me introduce you to a very effective third party that can help you download your movies

method 3

have you ever seen those pop-up notifications when you download the app? well yes i have. one of them is “freemake video downloader”.

worry less, because downloading this application costs nothing. free! It’s free! just follow the few steps below

notifications on app download

Step 1: Download the app through the Apple Play Store. After a successful download and installation, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Find the movie you want to download or watch, copy and paste its url into the downloader and match it to the next step.

Step 3 – Here, you will need to select the movie resolution and mp4 format, after which you will proceed to the next step

step 4: choose convert to iphone as action. this push up step 5

step 5: check the “export to itunes” box next to the action. this prepares you for the next step

Step 6: Click the download and convert button. the program will load the movie into your video library

Step 7 – A download icon appears almost immediately. click on it and voila! there you have it!

method 4

The last but definitely not the least of the methods from which you can download movies from websites is through netflix… yes! I could feel that emotion. Of course, you would nod in the affirmative, as Netflix is ​​the leading provider of digital media content.

the netflix movies app for ios runs on the iphone where you can stream movies and also download them to watch later. it’s better to get a demo (free trial) first before subscribing to a plan later.

Some of the exclusive features you can enjoy include TV shows and movies, all you need to do is “browse” or “search” for your favorite movies and just so you know, you can play them instantly. your device. winks!

You want to know how, well, it’s in the 5 steps below.

Netflix movie app

Step 1: First of all, you need to download the netflix app from your apple play store (that is if you don’t already have it), install it and continue to run it and , if you already have the app, run it right away.

download the Netflix app

step 2: click “available for download”

Click on “available for download”

step 3: click on your favorite movie

Step 4: Finally, tap the “download” button next to your preferred movie (looks like an arrow) and voila!

There you have it! it’s as simple as eating those burgers all the time only if you have the patience to follow the step-by-step methods.

and yes, I promised a reward for being a careful reader. so here it is.

one of those times when billy wouldn’t let you in while downloading a movie and by mistake you downloaded something completely different than what you wanted and you’re like, geez! No! This is not the movie I intend to download, what do I do now? let me tell you, that was never his intention anyway, he just needed a little more attention, so watch out for the poor soul.

so you’re stuck on how to stop a download? well, it’s so easy. just tap “download” to remove or stop a download in progress.

hope you enjoyed the trip? there you have it, apparently you did it while subconsciously nodding in affirmation.

I can’t wait to ride with you again.


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