&x27Soul&x27 editor Kevin Nolting: &x27No, 22 is not Riley from &x27Inside Out&x27

In the movie soul what did 22 become

while soul scooped up the academy award for best animated film in los angeles earlier this week, over the weekend the film’s prequel, 22 vs earth, allowed fans to learn a little more about how character 22. became a terraphobe.

The short film reunites Souls lead editor Kevin Nolting with Tina Fey’s 22 Land Haters. for good measure, it also requires a light-hearted stab at solving the mystery of life’s meaning in the process.

The film is Nolting’s directorial debut. for him, 22 vs. dirt was a simple case of being in the right place at the right time. “Traditionally, these shorts go early in the movie’s story because the editor is usually still working on the movie when these things are done,” he explains.

“but in this case, the story boss was already in development on another feature. she had done this and was moving on to the next thing, and i was in the room when we were talking about the short. so it turned out that when we finished Damn, I was lucky enough to be able to do this. I guess that’s the advantage of being an editor. You’re usually in the right room.”

Nolting, who joined Pixar in 2000 as the second editor on Finding Nemo, says he grew fond of Fey’s mischievous character during the three years he was working on Soul, and took the opportunity to get to know her a little. better.” while we were making the movie, we really explored joe’s character in depth. with 22, we just picked her up where we picked her up and we didn’t have to follow her, so we didn’t, but we had a lot of conversations about what 22 did in 22.

“I really empathize with your cynicism and your doubt and questioning of everything. Joe is the kind of person who has known from a young age what he wants to do. I am over 22 years old. It took me a long time to go around before I found what I wanted to do, so I really identify with that character.”

In Pixar Animation Studios’ “22 vs. Earth,” new soul 22 (voice of Tina Fey) enlists a gang of five other new souls in her efforts to avoid going to Earth. Set before the events of Disney and Pixar’s “Soul,” “22 vs. Earth” is directed by Kevin Nolting and produced by Lourdes Alba. © 2021 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

In ’22 vs Earth’, new soul 22 (voice of Tina Fey) enlists a gang of five other new souls in her efforts to avoid going to Earth. Disney/Pixar

The new film joins 22 in the great before, where souls are trained before their journey to earth to inhabit human bodies. 22, tired of seeing her friends snatched away to make the trip, recruits a small army of impressionable young souls in an attempt to overthrow the system and end the exodus of souls to the “rock” she despises.

With its sub-10-minute runtime and cliffhanger ending, the film is likely to leave fans wanting more than 22, so we could see it in its own feature-length adventure, especially at the light of the great success of soul. ? “I hope so. There are no immediate plans to extend this, but I’m sure Pixar knows what he’s doing,” Nolting jokes. “The thing is timing, especially with a short that’s based on the role. As the departments got wrapped up in the role, we’d quickly pull people in while the sets were still live, so to speak, and use people who They were familiar with the movie. We literally jumped up and grabbed people and did what little time we had this window. The timing has been amazing with the academy award, although to be honest I would have preferred to wait because I was still editing soul.”

Film Editor Kevin Nolting is photographed on August 7, 2014 at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, Calif. (Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar)

Film Editor and director Kevin Nolting. Pixar

And it wouldn’t be the age of the internet if there weren’t already some wild fan theories about 22, even before his next animated adventure was released.

ever since disney seemed to confirm that all pixar movies exist in a shared cinematic universe with an easter-egg-laden instagram post back in february of last year, fans have loved coming up with theories of varying degrees of credibility that link a movie or a character. to another.

One of the most popular theories surrounding the character of 22 is that by finally leaving the great before and heading to the land at the end of the soul, she becomes Riley, the emotionally vulnerable protagonist of 2015 from the inside out. At its simplest level, the theory is that Soul and Inside Out were directed by Pixar regular Pete Docter, and both characters like pizza and share certain personality traits. having directed one movie about our heroine and edited another, few people know better than nolting, and it looks like he’s going to put a bit of a damper on conspiracy theories.

“Well, I never heard that one,” he admits. “I mean, I guess it’s a good thing that people care so much to have all these theories, but I have to say I don’t have them myself.”

She seems almost apologetic when she puts the theory to bed, but she shouldn’t feel too guilty: now that we know more about who 22 isn’t, we can learn more about who she is with 22 against earth.


22 vs. earth is on disney+ via osn now

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