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Kanabadutaledu movie review

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Continuing the trend of reviewing low budget movies, one more movie that has hit the screens today is kanbadutaledu. let’s see how it is.


sashida (vaishali raj) is not happy with her marriage to aditya (yug ram) because her boyfriend (sukranth veeralla) cheated on her and she was forced to marry aditya. One fine day, she decides to kill Surya and involves her husband as well. they go to vizag and surprisingly find that surya is missing. what happened to surya? Why is she missing? and where does sunil appear in this configuration? which forms the story.

positive points:

The movie starts off on a good note and builds the suspense well into the story. heroine vaishali raj is good in the role of her and she does well in her emotional scenes.

Things get interesting in the second half once sunil’s entry occurs. The film picks up pace and Sunil does well as a detective. all the scenes of him and the way he investigates the story look good.

himaja was impressive in her role. the way she approaches her character and shows her negative tone is well done and himaja looked pretty too. Kireeti also does well in a negative role and has a good screen presence.

negative points:

after starting the movie on a good note, the movie falls flat in no time. the love story that follows has no depth or seriousness. the characters, the voice acting and the supporting cast all look horrible.

Another big disadvantage is that the characters are not well established. none of the key characters have a proper connection to the story and are left alone during key investigation time. kancharapalem kishore is horrible with her overreaction and the dubbing she has been given is even worse.

although sunil does well, his character has been given too much importance. the cops stand aside and being sunil, a small time detective handles the case like a boss, and this seems strange.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are decent but the editing is poor. the camera work is fine, but the script is bad. the music is disappointing and the bgm was worse.

referring to the director balraju, he has done a rather disappointing job with the film. the idea of ​​the story is good but the execution of balraju is worse. he got the first half down in no time and makes some sense in the second half. but it’s too late by then.


Overall, kanabadutaledu is a movie that has a good plot but is marred by disappointing execution and poor dubbing. sunil makes some sense in the second half, but that’s not enough to keep the movie from sinking. rating: 2.25/5

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