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Review : Play Back – Good Concept Gone Wrong |

Playback movie review telugu

Video Playback movie review telugu

playback: good concept not handled correctly/correct concept poor execution/narration could have been better/narration dominates the concept

Continuing the trend, a short film titled, play back has also hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


a police reporter named karthik (dinesh tej) comes to a house as a tenant along with his friend. soon after, karthik’s focus shifts to an older landline model already in the house. Before long, the phone rings and Karthik is contacted by a lady named Sujata (Ananya Nagalla). later repeatedly karthik will receive from sujata. who is sujata what is her story? what is the common connection between sujata and karthik? what is the role of the phone in the whole setup? to know that, you have to see the movie in theaters near you.

positive points:

the concept of interconnecting two different time periods by using a healthy phone as a platform. scenes related to it run decently in the first half.

Appearance wise, actor dinesh tej is good and his acting is fine in this concept oriented movie.

Actress ananya nagalla is the one who steals the show as her natural acting and beautiful expression bring depth to the proceedings to an extreme. All of her phone conversation scenes with Karthik are decently executed.

tv5 murthy and tnr are fine in their baddie roles. spandana heroine, a child artist and actor arjun kalyan are well in their roles.

negative points:

after decent storytelling in the first half, the central concept is covered with another murder subplot that hasn’t been presented in an engaging way.

since tv5 murthy and tnr are the key people in the flashback murder mystery, a few more scenes related to them would have been added in the execution part to add authenticity.

As the film jumps between the 1993 and 2019 time zones, too many episodes involving this main cast will confuse the audience and dilute the core concept.

technical aspects:

director hari prasad jakka’s idea of ​​drawing comparisons between two different time periods using a phone is a good one, but he could have done more work on writing a better, simpler script for much better results.


kamran’s music is good as his background score works in parts of the proceedings.

Bujji’s cinematography is decent, as is Nageswara Reddy’s editing.

Production values ​​for this low-budget movie are fine.


Overall, play back is a family thriller that has a new concept dealing with a phone conversation through time. although the film has some interesting moments here and there, the lack of proper storytelling in the second half comes across as a speed brake. check it out if you have enough time this weekend. rating: 2.5/5

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