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Rajugadu movie review

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raj tharun is trying his luck with the latest comedy, raju gadu, which hits the big screens today. let’s see if the movie lives up to the hype.


Raju (Raj Tharun) is a kleptomaniac (a person who accidentally steals things) who struggles to keep his medical condition under control. one fine day, he meets thanvi (amyra dastur) and instantly falls in love with her. even tanvi accepts her love but on the condition that raju has to impress her grandfather (nagineedu) if he wants to marry her.

Raju sets out on his way to impress Tanvi’s grandfather, but in the process he gets into all sorts of trouble created by Anji (Rao Ramesh). the rest of the story is how raju fixes things and eventually overcomes his weakness.

positive points:

Raj Tharun is fit for this role and puts in an impressive performance. his ease with acting and ability to keep things simple have served the young actor well. he has shown signs of improvement in the emotional department and that is a huge plus for the movie.

amyra dastur looks decent and puts in a decent performance. Comedy actor Prudhvi has been offered a meaty role and his struggles as a doctor dealing with complex medical conditions provide much-needed entertainment. there’s decent comedy in the first half, as some scenes showing the hero’s kleptomania problem have turned out well.

The likes of nagineedu and rao ramesh have put forth mature performances and their characters have great importance in the story. the episodes of rivalry between the experienced actors have been well executed.

negative points:

The hard-hitting comedy that surges during the climax slows the whole movie down. Director Sanjana Reddy tried to pump out unnecessary comedy sequences during this time that neither entertain nor have any prominence in the story.

The part leading up to the climax seems a bit immature, as illogical scenes take center stage and destroy the flow of the film. Too many subplots confuse the audience as new characters are brought in and no one has any idea why they were introduced.

technical aspects:

The camera department did a good job as the film looks colorful and the atmosphere of the town has been captured well. a montage song that comes in the second half looks really rich and this credit goes to the men behind the camera. two songs from the movie are decent, but not much care has been taken with the re-recording. unsynchronized bgm is an example of the same.

sanjana reddy complicated a simple story by including a terrorist episode. however, she did a good job in the comedy department, as some scenes in the film provide good entertainment. she should have stayed true to the story instead of spoiling things with complex subplots.


Overall, raju gadu has some funny moments here and there. a well-executed first half sets the right pace for the latter part, but unexpected subplots play the spoiler part here. If all you want is to watch a comedy movie and you don’t mind a few glitches here and there, you can give this movie a shot. but clearly keep your expectations low. rating: 2.75/5

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