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Roger federer: the biography

rené stauffer has been hot on the heels of roger federer for almost 23 years and knows almost everything about the man from basel (except how many matches federer has lost despite having match points 😊)

thanks to several years of personal contact with the player, stauffer managed to win his friendship and go behind the scenes of roger’s life, the result is a comprehensive biography covering federer’s career in great detail, and i was lucky to get my hands on a copy before the official release.

roger federer: the biography

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from the early years of federer’s life in basel, switzerland, where he first picked up a tennis racket, to the heights of his 20th grand slam victory and everything in between. Stauffer explores the secrets of Federer’s success, the difficulties and doubts he has faced, and examines Federer’s legacy in the modern game. Insightful, moving and revealing, this is the most definitive biography of Roger Federer ever written. roger federer: the biography

roger federer: die biografie was first published in 2019 in German, but now the publisher, polaris, has translated the book into English and some minor updates have brought it up to date for 2021.

This latest 293-page book is, in a way, an updated and remastered version of the original 2007 das tennisgenie: die roger-federer-story, which was translated into English as Pursuit of Perfection: The Roger Federer Story .

I hadn’t read the original, but I picked up a copy to compare the two, and while the book reworks some of the passages, it’s more than just a revised edition, and it has a lot of new content.

mainly because a lot has happened in the fourteen years since it was released, but even several parts of federer’s early years contain never-before-seen content and are much deeper.


To get an idea of ​​the book, here are the chapters.

part one: the ascent

part two: becoming king

part three: chasing 18

part four: the biggest

so who is the book for? Fed fans, tennis fans, or just those who like biographies will enjoy the read. even those who think they know absolutely everything about federer will get something out of it.

While most die-hard fans know all about Federer’s early days in Basel and at the National Tennis Center in Biel, Parts Three and Four of the book are worth reading for Federer connoisseurs, as they stauffer shows the meticulousness and attention to detail with which federer planned his comeback in 2017.

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