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What happens in false positive movie

Warning: This article contains significant false positives on hulu. hopefully, you realized that when you clicked on it.

if you’re expecting that false positive, the new a24 horror movie on hulu is going to be one of those horror movies that’s also funny, think again. Although the film stars and co-writes comedian Ilana Glasser, best known for playing a messy version of herself on the broad city of Comedy Central, False Positive is a serious and deeply disturbing psychological thriller.

directed by john lee, false positive explores many different themes related to motherhood, women’s bodies and how the patriarchy tries to control both. Not everything in the movie works, but the movie certainly manages to keep viewers on edge throughout the story.

As for the false positive ending, you might want to prepare yourself for some graphic images. it’s an ending that blurs reality with hallucinations, so if you missed it a bit, I don’t blame you. don’t worry, because the decider is here to help you. read on for the summary of the false positive plot, as well as the explanation of the false positive ending.

what is false positive plot summary?

Lucia “Lucy” Martin is a woman who has been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant by her husband Adrian (Justin Theroux) for two years. Adrian convinces Lucy to see an old friend of hers, Dr. Hindle (Pierce Brosnan), the boss of a prestigious (and creepy) fertility clinic. dr Hindle promises Lucy the best chance of getting pregnant with a new IVF method he invented, and it works. Actually, it works too well: Lucy gets pregnant with triplets.

To avoid complications, Lucy is told that she must undergo a “selective reduction” procedure. she has a choice: she can have twins or a single girl. Lucy wants to keep the girl. Adrian and Dr. Hindle wants her to keep the children, but she finally agrees to give in to Lucy’s decision to keep the girl, whom Lucy calls Wendy.

then things start to get weird. after some health problems and strange interactions with dr. hindle and adrian, lucy begins to suspect that she has done something to her baby without her permission. She decides to secretly start seeing a midwife named Grace Singleton (Zainab Jah). then things get even weirder when she starts hallucinating, though dr. Hindle insists that she is just “mommy brain” and gives her medication.

reality begins to blur. lucy discovers documents suggesting that dr. hindle is experimenting and spying on her. She shows that paperwork to a friend, who promises to have her husband’s attorney review it. but she soon finds out that her friend is involved with dr. hindle, too.

what is the final false positive?

lucy does not give birth to her baby, but to two healthy twins. wendy, an underdeveloped stillborn, is extracted from her body. Lucy realizes that both Adrian and Dr. Hindle never intended to respect her wishes to keep the girl and made the decision on her behalf to keep the children.

adrian believed that once lucy had the babies, her maternal instincts would kick in and she would take care of them and forgive him. But Lucy goes nuclear instead of her.

lucy appears in dr. the hindle fertility clinic and finds the underdeveloped fetus of his baby wendy. she confronts dr. Hindle, who tells her that he impregnated her with her own sperm. lucy attacks dr. hindle and his creepy nurse (gretchen mol), rendering them incapacitated. she takes wendy’s fetus and the paperwork that shows what dr. hindle made her, and leaves.

then to the song “who am I?” from peter pan, lucy returns home with her two twin babies of hers. we see how lucy takes her babies out the window and they float away from her. you think for a minute that maybe she murdered them, but then the scene resets and you realize she was just imagining it.

Instead, he hands the two babies to Adrian and tells him to go away. She then holds Wendy’s tiny fetus against her chest and imagines (or perhaps actually sees) the fetus beginning to suckle. With that haunting image, a tiny blue-faced underdeveloped baby gently sucking on glaser’s nipple, the film ends.

what is the false positive ending, explained?

The false positive was originally advertised as a contemporary version of Rosemary’s Baby, which is a 1968 psychological horror film about a pregnant woman (Mia Farrow) who suspects her neighbors are in a satanic cult and want her baby by a dark ritual. spoiler alert: after rosemary is told that she gave birth to a stillborn child, she finds her baby alive, but with mutilated eyes. The cult members tell her that the baby is Adrian, the son of Satan, also known as the same name as Lucy’s false positive husband, and tell her that she must be the child’s mother. At first, Rosemary resists, but when she hears the baby cry, her maternal instinct kicks in and she rocks the cradle.

false positive offers a different ending: lucy refuses to be the mother of the twins that dr. hindle forced into her. if we see dr. hindle as the devil (pierce brosnan sports a satan-like beard), we can see the twins, and adrian, as sons of satan. But by walking away from her and Adrian’s babies, Lucy indicates that she won’t take care of either of them. although she doesn’t actually kill the babies, she does imagine it. she lets them go in her mind. In other words, she does the exact opposite of what Rosemary does in Rosemary’s Baby.

however, the fact that lucy refuses to take care of the children she never asked for does not mean that she rejects motherhood completely. interpretations of the final shot may vary. Lucy has been hallucinating throughout the movie, including hallucinating the black midwife’s mystical vibes of her, so it’s entirely possible that she’s hallucinating Wendy nursing, mourning the child that was taken from her.

my opinion? lucy is not crazy, she knows that wendy is not alive, but she sees wendy as herself. she’s just imagining wendy nursing, just like she imagined her twins flying out the window. Lucy is being reborn and now she’s ready to finally take on the patriarchy. Either way, it’s clear Lucy won’t be staying with Adrian and raising Dr. the children of hindle.

well that was incredibly disturbing and depressing! Now let’s go see something happy, okay?

see false positive on hulu

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