Disney Chernabog Live-Action Movie

What movie is chernabog from

disney has greenlit live-action adaptations of their beloved animated classics from left to right, but none quite like this.

according to the hollywood reporter, the house of mouse will star one of its darkest characters, the gargoyle demon chernabog, in a future film.

If you’re not a huge Disney fan, you may not be familiar with the character, who first appeared in an 11-minute segment of the 1940 Disney classic “Fantasia” called “Night on Bald Mountain.”

The decision to make a movie around this guy seems a bit strange because, honestly, he’s probably the least Disney-like character you could center a movie around.

He is essentially a representation of the devil and is presented as nothing more than a terrifying all-powerful being.

here are a few more glimpses of him from “fantasia”:

While news of the film may come as a surprise, in recent years Disney has been quietly looking at the character of Chernabog in some of its content.

The character appeared on Disney’s animated series “House of Mouse” as a misunderstood evil figure who claims he’s actually afraid of the dark, and as a terrifying demon on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” last season. He was also a main character in Disney’s popular video game “Kingdom Hearts.”

if that’s the way disney goes, it makes sense, at least on paper.

It’s a formula that’s been working for four seasons of “Once Upon a Time,” which tells the backstories of popular Disney heroes and villains, along with 2014’s “Maleficent,” which grossed over $758.4 millions in theaters around the world.

matt sazama and burk sharpless will write the script and executive produce the film.

There is no release date for the film yet.

you can watch the “fantasy” segment with chernabog below:

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