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When do you watch my hero academia movie

my hero academia is one of the most popular anime in the world and, as always happens when an anime succeeds, it has the movies to prove it. There have been three My Hero Academia movies released so far, but due to the amount of MHA content available on so many different platforms, the MHO movie viewing order can be a bit confusing. Whether it’s because their canon is disputed or they’re not even mentioned in the show, the movie’s timelines feel a bit out of place.

This is the recommended viewing order for each of the My Hero Academia movies: Two Heroes, Rising Heroes, World Heroes Quest, along with specific arcs in the show.

when to watch my hero academia: two heroes

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes follows Deku and All Might as they travel to I-Island to meet an old friend of All Might who he hasn’t seen in many years. It’s not, long however, until the rest of 1-A shows up, and then the customary parade of villains with bad intentions aren’t far too behind.

two heroes takes place directly after episode 58, ‘special episode: save the world with love!‘, the twentieth episode of season 3. however, as a special episode, save the world with love ! it chronologically predates the events of the entirety of season 3 and concludes with all the forces of him inviting deku to i-island to help establish two heroes.

Therefore, viewers are advised to watch it directly after the final exams arc in season 2 to maintain continuity with the events of the film, which will also enhance the experience. of an important event in the season. 3. watch two heroes after the final episode of season 2 and episode 38 overall, ‘encounter’.

Fans are also encouraged to watch All Might Rising, an ovum that fills in more of All Might’s backstory, before seeing Two Heroes.

when to watch my hero academia: heroes rising

Heroes Rising

Heroes Rising

My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising follows the class of 1-A doing hero work on a remote island during their summer break. Busy but hardly challenged, the relative peace is shattered when four powerful villains make their way ashore looking for a young boy with a unique Quirk.

Hero rising events are never mentioned or built into/by the show, which means it feels like a very stand-alone affair. however, viewers are still advised to watch it after the meta liberation war arc that concludes in season 5, as some of the characters from that arc appear in the movie with specific powers/alliances.

check out my hero academia: heroes rising after the final episode of season 5, ‘the blue sky deep and high‘.

when to watch my hero academia: world heroes quest

My Hero Academia World Heroes

My Hero Academia World Heroes’ Mission

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission is the most recent MHA movie and revolves around Deku, Shoto, and Bakugo teaming up to try and put a stop to Humarise, an organisation that believes Quirks will one day lead to humanity’s extinction.

my hero academia: world heroes quest is first shown after the season 5 ‘long time no see selkie‘ credits, and the events of the episode also reveal to the villains of the film. . the girls of 1-a team up to stop a mysterious shipment being sent to the villains in ‘long time no see selkie’ which is commonly believed to be mha’s worst episode to date due to it being filler and fanservice in one.

however, the movie itself takes place after the events of season 5, much like the rising heroes, just before the next paranormal release war arc that will be a major focus of season 6. watch both season 5 finale and rising heroes before tackling world heroes quest.

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