Why won’t my itunes movie play on my computer

Why won’t my itunes movie play on my computer

bought an itunes movie, but the itunes movie won’t play no matter how hard i tried. no sound or picture, just a black screen. It is not only you who are facing this issue but several users also reported that why won’t my itunes movie play and they can’t play itunes movies on some devices. To help users, we present several solutions that can solve this problem.

Here, we are going to mention all the likely solutions to fix it and you can try the below mentioned solutions one by one.

solution 1: check internet connection

You should make sure you have a good and stable internet connection. Otherwise, you will face problem while playing movies that you have downloaded from itunes extras. slow connection will make you face the problem and so make sure you have a strong wi-fi connection. try turning the wi-fi off and on several times. sometimes the connection problem is solved by doing this.

solution 2: update version of itunes and quicktime

itunes and quicktime version may be outdated and so you can’t play itunes movies. Therefore, the simple solution to fix this problem is to update the version of itunes and quicktime player.

update itunes version:

step 1: to start, open itunes on your system and then click on the “help” option.

Step 2: Now click “check for updates” and if an update is available, follow the instructions to update your version.

update quicktime player version:

step 1: open quicktime player on your system and then click on the “help” option.

Step 2: Next, click “update existing software” and if the update is available, update it following all the instructions.

Solution 3: Sign out and sign in with your apple account

Another solution you can try is to sign back into itunes with an apple account. here, we have shown how you can do this.

step 1: open itunes (latest version) and then click on the option “account” or “store” (on mac) and here, select “sign out”.

Step 2: Next, click on the “account” or “store” option (on mac) again, and then click on “sign in”. here, you need to enter your apple account and password.

Step 3: You must also authorize this computer. so go to “account” and then “authorization”. or if you are using mac go to “store”. finally, click “authorize this computer”.

Solution 4: Check the expiration date if the movie is for rental

if your itunes rented movie won’t playthen in this case you need to check the expiration date of your rented movie. You may know that iTunes allows users to watch the rental movie for a maximum of 30 days. plus, once you’ve started watching a rental movie, you only have 24 hours according to us and 48 hours (elsewhere) to finish the movie.

Solution 5: Check that downloads are available for purchased movies

It may be the case that you have purchased a movie, but it still does not download correctly. therefore, in this situation, you need to check if there are available downloads of the purchased movie and this will surely fix the issue you are facing. Before proceeding to the step, make sure you have updated your itunes library to the latest version.

step 1: open the itunes library on your system and then click the “account” or “store” (on mac) tab.

Step 2: Next, select the “check available downloads” option.

solution 6. scan itunes errors to fix itunes not playing

If the above methods didn’t work, or if you want to find an easier way, anyfix can help you solve these problems. it is a software designed to fix various itunes problems in minutes, and also ios/ipados/tvos errors. Here are some of its features that you should find useful:

  • with anyfix, more than 200 itunes errors can be fixed with ease, including apple music errors, and many itunes won’t play problem.
  • also, it can save you from more than 130 ios /ipados/tvos problems.

then you can follow the steps below to fix itunes not playing:

step 1. install anyfix on your computer. open it and you will see its interface as below. here are 5 panels you can use to fix your problems. now it’s time to repair itunes first.

step 2. then you can see what errors anyfix can help you resolve. now choose other itunes errors to scan why itunes not working.

Step 3. Once the scanning process is complete, tap the Fix Now button to continue.

Step 4. Next, you need to authorize anyfix to help you on your computer. once authorization is enabled, anyfix will start to repair itself. wait a minute and the repair process will complete.

the end result

So, these are all possible solutions you can try to fix itunes movies not playing issue. and anyfix is ​​here, allowing you to fix many itunes bugs you may come across. hopefully our guide can help you resolve the issue. Also, share the guide with your friends and it will be very useful if they also have problems playing iTunes movies.

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