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Appudala ippudila movie review

surya teja, who was introduced to the telugu audience through vinayakudu, finally debuts as a hero with appudala ippudila. the romantic comedy entertainer has hit the screens today. let’s see how he fares in the movie.


laxmi narayana (suman) is engaged in the sweets business. one fine day he decides to help four people who have supported him in his difficult times. after helping three members, he sadly passes away.

His son, chaitanya (surya teja) takes on the task and meets the fourth person, jagadish chandra (naresh), who is also a business magnet. Although Jagadish Chandra denies Chaitanya’s help at first, the twist in the story comes when he in turn asks Chaitanya to make his daughter (Harshaki Punacha) fall in love with him.

why does jagadish chandra ask such a strange favor? how does chaitanya manage to accomplish this task? and what happens at the end forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

Despite the fact that it is his debut as a leading man, surya teja has put in a commendable performance. It’s a doddle role for senior actor Naresh and he impresses in a big way. hardaki looks beautiful though her acting is strictly fine.

Although it’s a low-budget film, the production values ​​are excellent. the underlying message behind the whole plot is positive and the story around it has been built well. some dialogue is spot on, while sunil kashyap’s music is another plus for the film.

negative points:

the biggest negative point of appudala ippudila is that although the basic theme is wonderful, the director failed to successfully translate it on screen in an entertaining way.

The narration and the script have also been mishandled as the film runs quite long. the long execution time also messes up procedures big time. some songs come across as major speed breakers in the second half.

The characterization of the main couple is also quite poor, as they react strangely in some situations. supreet’s hint as bubbly reddy fails to impress and seems out of place. the overall comedy of the movie is pretty dull and mundane.

technical department:

As for the technical departments, appudala ippudila has nothing special to offer. The cinematography manages to stand out, while Sunil Kashyap’s songs are quite good. as already mentioned, the production values ​​are excellent, while the script and the narration have completely failed. editing is jaded and not up to par.

The director is entirely to blame, as he failed to entertain the audience in a big way. Even though the theme was good, he couldn’t execute the story properly as the movie ends up boring the audience.


Although the good production values ​​and a positive theme manage to give appudala ippudila some wow points, the direction and handling of the story manage to outshine everything else. With a ton of movies already opening this weekend, we’d suggest putting your money elsewhere. rating: 2.25/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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