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Corpus christi movie catholic review

Corpus Christi is a Polish film about a young paroled convict who converts to Christianity and poses as a priest and helps the people of a small town. Corpus Christi, which features an incredible performance from the lead actor, tells a powerful story, but the ending is open-ended and unsatisfying, and the film has over 100 obscenities, strong lewd content in two scenes, and a brief drug use that severely undermines the Christian spirit of the film. , moral worldview.

Corpus Christi follows a young man in reform school named Daniel. Daniel has paid his fees at the detention center, and in the meantime has had a spiritual awakening. Viewers see Daniel at the mass volunteering and he seems to have a close relationship with the priest who leads them. Daniel’s dream when he leaves the center is to go to the seminary, however, the crime he committed was too hard, and the priest informs him that no seminary will accept him.

daniel discovers that he has been placed in a sawmill for his workplace while he is on parole. Before heading to the new city where he will work, he has a crazy night out with old friends. When he arrives at the mill the next day, he sees a small town just ahead and decides to skip work and go to the local church.

Upon entering, he meets a young woman. daniel and the woman, he names eliza, talk about her for a minute while he tries to convince her that he is a priest. Eliza doesn’t believe him and says that he is here to work at the mill to complete his parole. Daniel knows she’s right, but she takes off her priest’s robe that she took from the detention center in a last-ditch effort to change her mind. this convinces her, and immediately she goes to inform the priest’s wife that a new priest is in town.

The woman takes Daniel to meet her husband at his house. When Daniel meets the priest, he discovers that he is sick. The priest asks Daniel to fill in for him for a while while he gets his treatments out of town.

daniel starts to freak out a bit when he realizes that now he really has to be a priest with no instructions on how to do it. Daniel leads his first mass the next day and recites the same sermon as his priest’s sermon at the detention center shown at the beginning of the film. Attendees at the service think Daniel is brilliant, but the priest’s wife is not convinced.

Daniel soon discovers that he came to town right after a tragedy in which seven people died in a car accident. the small town has a photo board of the victims, except they left out the driver who everyone believed killed the teens in the other car. Daniel’s mission is to find out what really happened and try to bring peace to the city.

In the midst of all this, the owner of the sawmill and mayor of the town pays Daniel a visit. when daniel finds out who he is, he breaks out in a sweat thinking he’s been caught. However, the mayor only wanted Daniel to be at the opening of a new wing of the mill to bless him. Daniel agrees, but there is tension between them due to Daniel’s decision to investigate the accident.

One day, while Daniel is confessing, he receives a visit from a man who tells him in a low voice all his sins. the more the man talks, the more she realizes that the man on the other side of the confessional is someone who was in the detention center with him. the man was confessing daniel’s sins to him and threatens to take daniel out to town if he doesn’t give him what he wants. Will Daniel accept the deal to keep his identity a secret, or will he be caught and sent back to the detention center?

corpus christi is a powerful, sometimes funny drama of a young man who wants to be able to start over after the crimes he committed and paid for while in juvenile detention. the film contains positive messages behind much foul language. the story is pretty unbelievable as a young man gets away with pretending to be a priest, but the way it’s told really makes the audience believe it could happen. plus, the actor who plays the ex-con is amazing. That said, the ending of the film is open and unsatisfying. the story ends too abruptly.

coprus christi has a strong Christian worldview. church services and prayers are depicted. the main character is seen comforting those in need and trying to bring peace to the townspeople. however, the story is marred by a great deal of foul language, some lewd situations, and brief drug use. the protagonist is also seen lying about his identity. movieguide® considers corpus christi excessive.

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