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Chirunavvula chirujallu movie review

chirunavvula chirujallu is a dubbed version of the tamil hit endrendrum punnagai starring jeeva and trisha. This movie has hit the screens today and let’s see how it goes.


goutham’s mother (jiiva) leaves him when he is only ten years old. angry at the attitude of his wife, nasser (father of gotham) criticizes women and accuses them of being dishonest and selfish. Deeply affected by this, Gotham also grows to hate and distrust women.

He, along with his two best friends (vinay) and baby (santhanam) set up a production house. As time goes by, a girl named Priya (Trisha) enters her life as a business partner and causes some trouble between her best friends. A depressed Gotham leaves his friends and heads to Europe together with Priya.

There, the couple falls in love. but after some time even they part due to personal problem of gautam. what is that problem will the couple reunite in the end? And what about Gautham’s best friends? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

The main advantage of this film is the theme that deals with friendship, romance and the special bond between a father and his son. the peculiar narration also plays an important role in the positive result of the film. there are some very entertaining scenes in the movie that pique the interest of the audience. all the romantic scenes between trisha and jiva have been well designed.

jeeva has done a decent job in a well established position. trisha as always looks beautiful and her charm is a positive aspect in this movie. the first half is quite entertaining and some well timed songs also impress the viewers.

negative points:

A predictable story is the main drawback of this film. some scenes in the second half have been dragged into the core, which is a huge disappointment. the movie tempo during this part is completely reduced.

so many characters have not been given due importance and lack clarity. a sub-par climax also ruins the movie to some extent. Andrea’s role looks out of place and doesn’t create much of an impact. there are some vulgar sequences that could have been avoided altogether.

technical aspects:

cinematographer madiyea must be given due credit as he shows off the beautiful sights of europe excellently. Despite a routine story, the director’s narration and the interesting script give the film a special touch. Music director Harris Jayaraj gives a decent musical score as all the songs have been composed and shot well. the dialogues are elegant and match the film very well. production values ​​are good and show the movie in a good light.


Overall, chirunavvula chirujallu has some decent romantic moments. An entertaining first half, Trisha’s glamour, and simple setup are staple assets. if you ignore the predictable storyline and the lack of luster in the climax, you can comfortably watch this movie this weekend. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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