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Dj tillu movie review

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dj tillu is a movie that has been promoted a lot in recent days. the movie is out now with good hype all around. let’s see how.


dj tillu(siddhu jonnalagadda) is a crazy local dj who is high on life. One fine day, he meets Radhika (Neha Shetty) and instantly falls in love. But to Tillu’s surprise, Radhika involves him in a murder case. the rest of the story is how dj tillu gets out of this big mess.

bonus points

Even if the story is boring, there are movies that have solid heroes who captivate you with their outstanding performances. dj tillu falls into the same category and has siddhu jonnalagadda bring his character to life. From scene one, he’s the character of dj tillu, the way he talks, walks and handles situations, it’s all quite entertaining.

with this movie, siddhu is definitely an actor to watch out for. he has a solid screen presence and excellent dialogue delivery. if he chooses good subjects, siddhu will be a star for sure. brahmaji is fine in his role. the prince was also dapper like the hyperactive young man.

Last but not least, Neha Shetty is quite convincing in her role. she looks beautiful and doesn’t make her character look vulgar and handles it very well even though she’s not justified in the movie. one of the main assets of the film is the various conversations between the main couple, which have a wry humor and will be loved by the audience.

negative points

After an entertaining first half, things slow down a bit in the second half. the comedy quotient drops and the scenes seem rushed and the climax ends quickly. even the role of the heroine has no closures, leaving everyone clueless.

In the second half, the hospital scenes and the cops’ behavior seem forced into the narrative. just as things start to go off the rails, the breathtaking climax rushes in. If it wasn’t for siddhu’s performance, the pace would have dropped a lot in the second half.

technical aspects

thaman has provided the background music for this film and has done a solid job. elevates dj tillu’s character magnificently with his quirky bgm. the songs are excellent and so was siddhu jonnalagadda’s style. not many know that siddhu has co-written the movie and his dialogues are hilarious. each dialogue the siddhu utters has a satirical tone that will be loved by the youth. the camera work, the production values ​​of sithara entertainment are perfect.

Coming to director vimal krishna, he has narrated the film on an entertaining note leaving logic behind. The strength of the film is the character of DJ Tillu and he showed him in such a way that whatever Siddhu does, he looks good on screen and entertains the audience regardless of the weak plot.


Overall, dj is a timepass comedy featuring a featured performance by siddhu jonnalagadda. you’ll love his character and the comedy he generates. The movie doesn’t have a strong plot and rushed situations, but when the hero character is so cheerful and the situations give you a lot of entertainment, you should give this movie a try and have a good weekend. rating: 3/5

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