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Review : Varun Doctor – Thrills to an extent |

Doctor telugu movie review

Video Doctor telugu movie review

siva karthikeyan’s varun doctor has been generating quite a stir in tamil circles. the telugu version of the movie is available and let’s see how it is.


varun (siva karthikeyan) is a military doctor by profession. he falls in love with padmini (priyanka arul mohan) but she rejects varun seeing her practical nature. The twist in the story comes when Padmini’s niece is kidnapped and Varun becomes involved in the case. how varun, being a doctor, saves the girl and breaks the nexus of the kidnapper forms the story.

positive points:

siva karthikeyan is the highlight of the film as it shows a different side of her personality. he as a military doctor evokes good comedy, drama, and carries the film on his shoulder. Siva’s chemistry with Priyanka is also clear in the film.

the comedy works for the most part and the scenes with yogi babu and priyanka’s family are very good. director nelson has shown emotions in a very different way.

the film has black humor and is quite well executed by nelson. the message shown about the safety of women in the film looks good. also, the emotions in the preclimax have been executed well.

negative points:

One of the film’s drawbacks is the leeway the director takes when it comes to female-led crime. Although the message displayed is good, the incidents that occur in today’s digital world seem a bit exaggerated.

the second half has some delays here and there. the script isn’t as effective during this time and makes things a bit dull. In addition, the story of kidnapped girls has also been shown in previous films.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are top notch, as the visuals look gripping. anirudh’s music is fine but as usual his bgm is mesmerizing. the camera work is decent, but the dubbing could have been better.

referring to director nelson, he has done an acceptable job with the film. his idea of ​​the story and the way he has set it look good too. but his script falters a bit in the second half. he makes the procedures a bit routine and ignores the logic. verdict:

Overall, Varun Doctor is a kidnapping drama that has decent thrills and comedy. but things get stuck in the second half and some logic is thrown away. the Tamil audience may like the film as it suits their sensibilities well. but for the Telugu audience, this movie ends as just a passable watch this weekend. rating: 2.75/5

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