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Druva movie review

dhruva is a pivotal film in ram charan’s career. has worked very hard for the movie and after a huge round of promotions, the movie finally hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


dhruva(ram charan) is a sincere ips officer who wants to eradicate crime in hyderabad city. Instead of catching the petty crooks, he decides to track down the man behind all these crimes. he chases after several large wigs and through them he discovers that a man named siddharth abhimanyu (aravind swamy) is behind all the corporate crimes.

The rest of the story is how dhruva makes some clever plans and catches the mighty siddharth and ends the crime in the city.

positive points:-

charan’s hard work and dedication are clearly visible in every dhruva painting. From his body ripped from him to his on-screen presence of him as a cop, Charan has done a fabulous job. As for his acting, he has improved a lot since he is outstanding in all the confrontation scenes.

aravind swamy is the surprise package of the film and does an excellent job in his negative role. His role elevates the entire movie and pushes Ram Charan to do his best. Half of Aravind Swamy’s credit success is due to Hema Chandra’s superb dubbing, which adds the necessary touch to his role.

surender reddy handles the mind games displayed throughout the game very well and fully engages the audience. rakul preet looks beautiful and does the best she can in the movie. the interval blast and the way certain twists are revealed is pretty cool. navdeep and other supporting actors are perfectly suited to her roles.

negative points:-

The film has many logical errors and many cinematic liberties have been taken. Rakul Preet doesn’t have much to do in the film except for the songs. although the second half is good, it is a bit long. many scenes could easily have been cut to make the proceedings look sharp.

the role of aravind swamy has been kept a bit toned down to elevate the character of ram charan, who looks a bit strange at times. all those looking for some masala to pass the time will be disappointed as the movie is quite serious.

technical aspects:-

dhruva is one of the most stylized movies to come out in recent times. Credit must go entirely to Geetha Arts for spending a bomb on making the movie look pretty rich. the camera work is top notch and the way aravind swamy and ram charan are shown is very good.

Thamiza’s hip hop music is impressive, but its background soundtrack takes the cake here and takes the crisis scenes to another level. the script is spicy during the first half but gets a bit slow in the last part. the editing is decent, but some scenes in the second half could have been removed to make the movie even sharper.

as for director sunder reddy, he has done a magnificent job with the remake. the way he has shown charan is too good. Suri sticks with the concept and doesn’t interfere much with the story. he gives it his own touch through his captivating and graceful storytelling.


Overall, dhruva is a perfect comeback movie for charan. He should be given credit for choosing a unique film like this and giving his best through an outstanding performance. engaging storytelling, interesting twists, and some excellent mind games are big pluses of this movie. the film will impress each and every section of the audience and it will surely do well. if you ignore the little glitches here and there, this movie is perfect action entertainment to watch this weekend. rating: 3.5/5

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