How to Install Cinema HD APK on FireStick (Sep 2022)

How to download free movie apps on firestick

Video How to download free movie apps on firestick

In this guide, I will walk you through the installation instructions for the cinema apk on firestick. This method works on all Amazon Fire TV devices, including FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, 4K Max, and even Fire TV Cube. I also include instructions to install cinema hd on android tv, smartphones and pc.

cinema apkWhat Is Cinema HD APK?

cinema hd apk is a great app to watch on demand content on firestick and other android devices. it is one of the most popular third party apps for firestick.

The app has an extensive library of movies and TV shows. This means Cinema HD will never let you run out of streaming options. is a perfect app to watch your favorite episodes and movies.

The application has a simple, minimalist but functional interface. it has almost all the movies and episodes you want to watch. So now let’s learn how to install cinema hd apk on firestick.

note: cinema hd has been abandoned by its developers and is no longer updated. The latest update was released in August 2021. However, the app is still working. is extracting video footage. still allows actual debridement registration. you can continue to use the app or try cinema hd alternatives.

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is cinema hd safe & legal?

cinema hd apk is one of the most used firestic applications. however, firesticktricks cannot guarantee your security as it is a third party service.

I scanned the original source url with virustotal (an online antivirus service). virustotal did not find anything suspicious about it. here is the copy of the scan result:

cinema hd safe & legal cannot verify if cinema hd is legal. millions are using the app in dozens of countries. we cannot determine if you obtained the appropriate licenses to distribute the movies and shows.

we recommend using expressvpn with cinema hd to avoid legal issues.

how to install cine hd apk on firestick

we will follow the instructions to download cinema hd app on firestick. When we download an application, it means that the application is not present in the amazon store.

The first thing you need to do is install the downloader app on your device. you need downloader app to download apps on fire stick. Unfortunately, you can’t download the app directly from a browser.

so to install apps with the downloader, we need to make a little change in firestick security settings.

here we go:

1. from the firestick home screen, go to search > search.

install cinema hd on firestick

2. search for the downloader application. select it in the search results and click get or download to install it on your device.

search downloader

3. now click settings (the gear icon) on the far right of the home screen.

install cinema hd on firestick

4. click my fire tv.

cinema apk firestick

5. then choose developer options.

If this option is not visible, follow the guide on how to enable developer options on firestick.

developer options

6. click install unknown apps.

note: If you are still using the old version of firestick, please click apps from unknown sources and turn it on. you can skip step 7 below.

cinema apk firestick

7. enable the downloader option.

cinema apk on firestick

The security part of the firestick device configuration is taken care of. now we can start with the basic installation instructions.

8. now open the downloader application. you’ll notice that it starts with the home tab selected by default. Navigate to the input field on the right and click on it.

how to get cinema apk on firestick

9. the window that appears allows you to enter the source url of the apk using the on-screen keyboard.

Go to to download cinema hd apk file and click go.

download cinema apk on firestick

10. The next window will show the downloader connecting to the server. the window after that will show you downloading the cine hd apk file on your firestick device. let the download complete.

cinema apk

11. The installation will start on its own. click install.

click install cinema hd on firestick

12. your firestick will start to install the cinema hd app from the downloaded apk file. Give the process a few seconds.

how to get cinema apk on firestick

13. When your firestick has finally installed the cinema hd app, it will notify you with the following window. you can click open and launch cinema hd on your firestick directly from this window if you want. I recommend clicking done.

cinema apk for firestick

14. Clicking done in the previous step will take you to the downloader application, where you will see the following message. highlight delete with your remote and click it. we want to remove the firestick cinema apk because the file is useless after the app installation is complete. Also, deleting the file will save space on your firestick storage.

delete cinema apk from firestick

15. click delete again to finally delete the cine hd apk file.

delete cinema apk on firestick

You have successfully installed cinema hd app on firestick. now you can open and start using the application.

However, before you start streaming, I want to warn you that everything you stream on Cinema HD Apk is visible to your ISP and your government. Streaming copyrighted content (movies, TV shows, free sports) can land you in legal trouble.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid any legal issues by connecting to a vpn. a vpn encrypts your streaming activities and no one will know what you’re watching.

I recommend expressvpn because it uses military-grade technology to encrypt and protect your connection. it’s also the fastest vpn, something I’d want for streaming.

step 1: sign up for expressvpn here. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. meaning you can use it for free for the first 30 days, and if you’re not happy with the performance (which is highly unlikely), you can request a full refund.

step 2: turn on your fire tv stick and go to search followed by the search option.

vpn for jailbroken firestick

Step 3: Now type “expressvpn” (without quotes) in the search bar and select expressvpn when it appears in the search results .

install expressvpn

step 4: click download to install expressvpn app on fire tv / stick.

get vpn jailbroken firestick

Step 5: Open the app and enter the login credentials that you created when purchasing the expressvpn subscription. click sign in

login expressvpn

step 6: click the power icon to connect to a vpn server. that is all. your connection is now secure with the best and fastest vpn for firestick.

connect button for expressvpn on firestick

You can also read more detailed information about using expressvpn with fire tv / stick.

how to use cinema hd apk on firestick

cinema hd apk is a decent option to watch movies and shows on demand.

run the application, and when you do it for the first time, a change log window welcomes you with some details. click ok to remove that window (and read the details if you want).

You are now directed to the home screen of the movie app on firestick. the design of the application is relatively simple. almost all of your screen, except for a small strip at the top, is filled with icons of the video content. the home screen, by default, shows the titles of featured movies.

If you want to switch to TV shows, click the hamburger menu on the top left and choose TV shows. In addition to TV shows and movies, the menu also has a shortcut to your favorites and downloads. you also have the option to connect real-debrid to the application.

how to use cinema apk on firestick

To sort content by category or genre, click the small inverted triangle next to the hamburger menu at the top left.

how to use hdmovies app on firestick

If you want to search for a movie or TV show by keyword, use the search option on the far right at the top.

You can type the name of the movie, episode, director, actor, etc., to search the content of the video.

cinema apk firestick

can’t find cinema hd app on firestick home screen? new applications do not appear on the main screen. but you can always access them in your apps & channels. You can also put a cinema hd shortcut on your firestick home screen.

To access your apps, simply press and hold the home button on your firestick remote and click apps when the following window appears.


after selecting the app icon, you can press the menu button on your remote and click move at the bottom left of the screen. this way you can move the icon to the top row and make the app appear on your home screen.

how to install and use cinema apk on firestick

how to install cinema hd on android tv box and smart phones

Besides firestick, you can stream movies and tv shows on android smartphones and tv boxes via cinema hd app. Unfortunately, since it is a third party application, we cannot download it through the Google Play Store. It is worth mentioning that your android mobile device must be running android 4.0 or higher operating system and must have at least 15mb free space.

Now we are ready for the installation process. Please note that although the steps vary slightly between devices, they are very similar.

1. open a web browser on the device you want to install cinema hd on. then go to in the browser.

2. A warning popup will appear at the bottom, asking you to confirm the download. press ok.

3. Once you click on the downloaded app from the notification panel, another warning dialog will pop up informing you that your phone cannot install unknown apps.

4. select the settings option and turn on the switch that says allow from this source. click accept.

Unknown Sources on android tv box

7. tap install. Please wait a few seconds for the installation process to complete.

how to install cinema hd on android

8. congratulations! You have successfully installed the movie app on your android device.

9. Once you launch the app, it will ask for permission to access photos, media, and files on your device. click allow. Now, you’re all set to stream your favorite content.

Cinema APK for android tv

tried to stream video content to verify the app works fine.

how to install cine hd apk on macbook/windows

If you are a macbook (air or pro) or windows (11, 10 or 8.1) user, you need to install an android emulator to run the cine apk app. your options for android emulators are bluestacks and noxplayer. i chose to go with bluestacks. that’s the one I’ll use in the demo below.

Follow the instructions below to install the cinema hd app on your macbook/windows computer.

1. open your internet browser and go to bluestacks official website.

2. click download bluestacks.

BlueStacks 4

3. wait for the download to complete.

4. once the download is complete, install bluestacks 4 on your macbook/windows computer.

5. then download the cinema hd app here. We will install the cinema hd app using the apk file in a moment, so please remember the destination of the apk download.

6. Now, open bluestacks and drag and drop the cine apk file onto its interface. you can also use the apk installer icon on the right panel.

congratulations! you have successfully installed the movie app.

I tried streaming content and it worked great.

how to update cine hd apk

the cinema hd app hasn’t been updated in over a year. however, you can easily update the application if you don’t have the latest version deployed.

All you need to do is follow the installation instructions I have provided in this guide. use the link this link always points to the latest version of the application.

  • Do not uninstall cinema hd before updating.
  • Follow the installation instructions with the updated application pointed to by this link.
  • cinema hd will be updated and keep your previous data (such as favorites, history, etc.) intact

frequently asked questions


cinema hd apk for firestick is one of my favorite apps. this app has decent quality scrapers that get solid and healthy streaming links. And when you integrate your real-debrid account with the app, you get even better options. so go ahead and try the movie app. this post demonstrated how to install cinema hd apk on firestick. Let me know if you have any questions via the comments section below.


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