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Killing veerappan telugu movie review

Video Killing veerappan telugu movie review

release date: January 7, 2016 rating: 3/5

director: ram gopal varma

producer: b.v.manjunath

musical director: sandy

Starring: shivaraj kumar, sandeep bharadwaj

the trailers for killing veerappan have given the feeling that maverick director ram gopal varma is back to his best. The film that deals with the true story of the feared sandalwood smuggler has hit the screens today. now let’s see if rgv is back in the computation or not.


The story of the film is quite simple and is narrated from the point of view of a policeman. Veerappan (Sandeep Bhardwaj) is a feared sandalwood smuggler with tons of cases on him. Cops from three different states chase him over a period of ten years, but unluckily for him, he escapes unscathed every time.

This is also the time when the case is handed over to a sincere police officer (shivraj kumar) who takes matters into his own hands. he makes various plans, but somehow he doesn’t succeed all the time. the rest of the story is how he makes one last dreaded plan and kills the most wanted smuggler.

positive points:-

credit must go to ram gopal varma for making his casting absolutely amazing. the way she cast a new face for the role of veerappan is spot on and gives you a sense of dread from the very first frame. the mumbai actor seems uncannily close to veerappan and is out for revenge from the get-go.

The locations chosen, the realistic setting and the dense forest locations give a superb effect to the film. the various assassination plots to kill veerappan and the way they have been executed are pretty good. Coming to the performances, Shivraj Kumar is pretty good as a cop and holds the movie together. the way rgv has displayed it is pretty decent.

several other minor characters, especially yagna shetty, who played veerappan’s wife, is very good in her role. The biggest credit has to go to the way that RGV has revealed some startling facts about certain real-life events. The main thing that goes well is that rgv has shown veerappan in a normal way and not in a larger than life and cinematic character.

negative points:-

one of the biggest drawbacks of the film is that veerappan takes up very little space on the screen. his story is not told as his past or how he became so strong, points like these have been left on the back burner. all those who wanted to know more about veerappan and his personal side will be a bit disappointed.

The film is narrated in a full police hearing and how they manage to catch him. in this sense, certain cinematographic logics and freedoms that are clearly visible on screen have been left behind. the first half is a bit normal and the tempo only increases during the second half.

technical aspects:-

As with all rgv films, the technical aspects are a big plus. Staying true to its genre, the film has some impressive visuals. the camera work is amazing and gives an idea of ​​how the feared smuggler lived his life in the dense forests and difficult situations. the top angle footage during the preclimax is stunning.

rgv has executed the various emotions and montage shots very well. the background score is a bit disappointing as a better score could have raised the movie to a different level. rgv’s script is clean as it sticks to the conflict of catching veerappan and doesn’t include cutscenes.

Coming to rgv, kill veerapan is some of his best work in the recent past. You find traces of old RGV as it shows how the dreaded smuggler was killed in real life. If it had increased veerappan’s screen time a bit and shown the personal side of him or how he became so famous, the movie would have been even better.


Overall, killing veerappan is surely the most decent rgv movie in the recent past. It’s a realistic story of how India’s most wanted criminal was shot dead with great visuals, engaging storytelling and top-notch acting. on the other hand, veerappan’s lack of details and lesser screen time may not go down well with a certain audience. All said and done, this movie is a decent watch for its realistic nature and some gripping murder episodes. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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