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Rara krishnayya movie review

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Ra-Ra-Krishnayya-review Release date : July 04, 2014 Rating : 3/5 Director : Mahesh P Producer : Vamsi Krishna Srinivas Music Director : Achu Rajamani Starring : Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Jagapathi Babu, Kalyani

Sundeep Kishan is on a high with the success of Venkatadri Express. He is now back with Ra Ra Krishnayya, which also stars the beautiful Regina. Directed by debutante Mahesh Babu, this film has Jagapathi Babu in a supporting role. Ra Ra Krishnayya has hit the screens today, and let’s see whether Sundeep Kishan gets his second consecutive hit.


kittu (sundeep kishan) is a happy and lucky taxi driver in chennai. he works under manikkyam (tannikella bharani) who cheats him out of all his savings. an annoyed kittu, gets drunk and comes to manikkyam’s house and threatens to kill his nandeswari’s daughter (regina)

Moving back to flashback a bit, Nadeswari is very upset with her father for arranging her wedding without her permission. she confronts her father and reveals her opinion to him. Just then, Sundeep Kishan starts threatening her for her money and kidnaps Nandeswari. Since she is not interested in the wedding, even she runs away happily with kittu.

while both keep running away from manikkyam, a cute love story starts to grow between the two. when things seem happy and resolved, nandeswari is again kidnapped by jaggu (jagapathi babu).

who is jaggu? Why did he kidnap Nandeswari? what will kittu do now? To get answers to all these questions, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

The first half of the movie is a big plus point. It has some nice romantic moments with entertaining comedy. Once again, Sundeep Kishan’s chemistry with Regina is top notch. they both share a good vibe and it shows on screen.

sundep kishan has enhanced his acting and screen presence with this movie. she looks very easy and pulls off the role of her perfectly. she downplays her character very well and allows regina to continue with her dominant character aptly.

regina is the highlight of the film. she has a domineering character and does a wonderful job. she looks glamorous and the director has recorded the character of her in a very lively and entertaining way.

once again, jagapathi babu does a sincere job in the movie, but it couldn’t be fully utilized. more on that later. the songs from the movie are definitely the highlight. all of them have been shot and executed very well.

tagubothu ramesh entertains you decently in the first half. ravi babu, brahmaji and satyam rajesh do their part.

negative points:-

although jagapathi babu does a wonderful job in his role, the director couldn’t use him properly. the required elevation and depth of his character are missing from the film.

Just when you see jb’s entrance, you look forward to an energetic performance. although he is good in some comedic situations, the tempo never develops during his stay.

after a promising first half, the second half drops drastically. right after the break, the first 15 minutes are a big disappointment. Sundeep Kishan doesn’t have much to do. too many characters keep going in and out of the movie, which makes the movie tedious.

yet another drawback during the second half is that neither the love track between regina and sundeep nor the bond between the two brothers is adequately addressed.

the climax is a cliché and there is nothing special about it. the much-advertised lip closure is fine too, and doesn’t look as sexy.

technical aspects:-

ra ra krishnayya has many technical aspects. a special word of mention goes to the camera work. the images in the film look absolutely stunning. the production values ​​are rich and the way the entire movie was shot looks great.

As I said before, accchu’s music is also a big plus. all the songs are quite good and have been well filmed as well. dialogue is decent and well written.

director mahesh babu is doing quite well with his first film. he executes the first half beautifully and draws good performances from the all-star cast of him. but as said above, he goes off track in the second half and tries to add too many commercial elements.

The movie’s script is pretty good in the first half, but it could have gotten away with some minor scenes in the second.


in general, ra ra krishnayya basically works in parts. after an interesting and engaging first half, the second half lets you down a bit. If you walk into this movie without much expectation, you will surely love Sundeep Kishan and Regina’s sizzling chemistry and beautiful songs. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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