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Majnu movie review greatandhra

Video Majnu movie review greatandhra

Movie: Majnu Rating: 3/5 Banner: Anandi Art Creations, Keva Movies Cast: Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Priya Sri, Vennela Kishore, Sathya Krishnan and others. music: gopi sunder director of photography: v s gnanasekhar editing: prawin pudi producers: geetha golla writing and directed by: virinchi varma release date: September 23, 2016

nani is having a great form with a string of hits and every new movie of hers is now creating interest. ‘majnu’ also made us look forward to the movie.

so, nani came up with another fun and entertaining movie? let’s find out.

story: aditya, an assistant director working with rajamouli for the film “baahubali”, hails from the city of bheemavaram in andhra pradesh. in hyderabad, he likes a girl

suma (priya sri) but he still hasn’t forgotten about his old girlfriend. One day, she tells Sum how deeply he loved his girl Bhimavaram Kiran (Anu Emmanuel) and what caused the rift between them. Noticing how big of a heart she is, Suma begins to love him more. Suma asks him to go to the train station to meet her, and there he finds her receiving her cousin, who turns out to be Kiran. what happens next?

Artist Performances: Nani is one of Tollywood’s most trusted stars for any kind of story. She once again shines in this movie as she doesn’t give her much room to showcase her acting skills. although here she also gives herself a bit as an actor. there is a scene in the pool, where she narrates a story with nava rasas, which is quite boring and serves no purpose other than to show off her acting skills.

of the two heroines, anu emmanuel is beautiful and has a meaty role. Priya Sri lacks both glamor and acting skills. Vennela Kishore in a short role is fine. both director rajamouli and raj tharun have appeared as guests.

Technical Excellence: The film does not have great technical values, but it is easy on the eyes thanks to vs jnanasekhar’s cinematography. shot in very few locations, the frames are colorful. the entire first half is told with songs, some songs are used in the background. couple of songs are pretty good. Apart from these two departments, other technical departments have done an average job. Kiran’s dialogues are fine.

highlights: cinematography of the first half nani

drawback: drag the second half

analysis: nani has become synonymous with romantic dramas having worked on many such interesting love stories in recent times. “majnu” is also a love story with a hero and two girls.

Although this is not a regular triangular love drama, the story and conflict of the film are also quite routine. the plot is as simple as this: he loves girl a, but differences arise and they both separate, then he meets girl b, who falls in love with him, but girl a returns to his life and realizes his feelings by a.

When a plot is so simple and straightforward, the drama needs to be dense and tight. as expected, all the content dries up in the first half, there are no more matters to hold the second half. That is exactly the problem with this movie, although the episodes before the interval are funny and entertaining.

The first half in total is quite nice. post interval, when nani falls into conflict with these two girls, the movie goes at an uneven pace. some episodes are entertaining, some are meh! Still, it largely works thanks to Nani’s effervescent charm and acting.

nani has given her best in the role to make the film interesting. to impress anu emmanuel he joins his university as a professor and then the way he woos her is quite interesting. the student-teacher love track is treated sensibly and in a fun way. the film has very good moments in the first half.

after the interval, the comedy track between nani and vennela kishore generates some laughs but has diverted the story and lengthened the movie. the film needs to be trimmed here in these portions.

what really works in the film? Obviously the fun of the first half of the movie, a couple of good songs and Nani’s acting cover up the regular proceedings in the second half. so the film works thanks to these elements. Overall, it’s a time-passing romantic drama that can be watched for once.

final result: 2 lailas one majnu!

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