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Master telugu movie review

master is one of the most anticipated biggies released by this Pongal. Promoted as a full-on action performer, this movie has superstars Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi in the lead roles. Let’s see now how about the movie.


jd(vijay) is a professor who is hated by the university directors. he is a drunk who does not obey the rules. after a big problem, he is sent to a correctional facility to handle young offenders. on the other hand, the correctional center is managed by bhavani (vijay sethupathi) and even the policemen cannot do anything about it. so how jd will turn the tables and handle the dreaded bhavani, and set things right for the youth is the master’s story.

positive points:

The setting of the movie is good and there is room for Vijay to show off his massive mania and he does it at full throttle. vijay looks handsome, shows off his body and also dances magnificently in all the songs. Vijay’s hardcore fans will have a lot of fun watching his master’s performance.

but the star of the movie is vijay sethupathi. somehow the role of him is well shot by the director, and vijay sethuthpathi with the local look of him handles the role superbly. he has a better edge as his screen presence, and the animosity he creates with the scenes is top notch. As long as he appears on the screen, the audience will enjoy it.

malavika mohanan is flawless in her key role. the climactic fight between the two stars is simply amazing and has whistleblower moments for the fans. vijay’s kabaddi scenes, phone conversation at intervals and vijay’s introduction are quite good in the movie. last but not least anirudh kills him with her bgm which is excellent.

negative points:

One of the biggest drawbacks of the film is the lack of hero and villain scenes. after watching the trailers, one gets the feeling that the confrontation between hero and villain will be plentiful, but sadly, that’s not the case. vijay and vijay sethupathi meet only at climax. their animosity should have been introduced much earlier in the movie and more confrontations should have been added.

also, individually, the scenes are good for both stars, but the story is simple and not well explained. a correction center outclassed by the villain seems a bit over the top. there is a lot of lag in the movie and at least 20 minutes could have easily been cut to make things better.

lokesh kanagaraj, who is the best at showcasing gritty crime dramas, is not at his best. he has done the stars justice and handled them well, but his storytelling has clearly taken a beating. the film is quite predictable and has nothing new to show.

technical aspects:

The film’s production values ​​are top notch. the camera work is good and the jail setting is shown in a very realistic way. the dialogues are good. vijay sethupathi’s dubbing doesn’t give the necessary effect. the lyrics are neat and so was the production design showing the college setting. Anirudh’s music is top notch.

referring to headmaster lokesh, he hasn’t brought out the emotions well as the master is quite weak on the emotional side. a drunk vijay who transforms in jail is not shown well and the emotions shown are weak during this time. having two bigger stars, lokesh has somehow squandered a solid opportunity to showcase their matchups.


Overall, the teacher doesn’t live up to expectations and ends up a passable action actor. All those who want to see the tug-of-war of the star hero and the villain will be disappointed. But fans of Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi will be in for a treat as the heroes shine in their respective roles. As for the story, the film is weak, slow and long. As festival season progresses, the masses will like the film, but others should continue to keep their expectations pretty low. rating: 2.75/5

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