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What was the first ever barbie movie

The Barbie movies have gone from being a Mattel Barbie doll every girl wants to becoming an animated Barbie movie star. There are dozens of popular Barbie movies, with more being added every year.

All the Barbie movies come to life with songs, dances and epic adventures on screen in all the places you can imagine.

Barbie fantasy movies include adventures with princes, horses, puppies, dances, songs, fairies and mermaids. Barbie always builds lasting friend ships with lots of different lovable Barbie characters.

live action barbie movie 2023

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After being the center of attention in several short films and cameo appearances in blockbuster movies like Toy Story, Barbie has built up a large collection of her own movies.

Below is a complete list of all the barbie movies in order from 1987 to 2022, including old barbie movies and new barbie movies.

list of barbie movies (1-43)

1. barbie and the rockers: out of this world (1987)

barbie and the rockers are taking the world by storm on their world tour. They’re loved by fans around the world, and Barbie takes on the role of an ambassador for world peace.

For their next out-of-this-world experience, Barbie and the Rockers plan to be the first band to perform in space at the galactic interstellar amphitheater.

2. Barbie and the Sensations: Rocking Back to Earth (1987)

Barbie and the Feelings is an out of this world sequel to Barbie and the Rock Out Girls. The sensation film begins where Barbie’s live performance in space is a huge success.

On their way back to Earth, their shuttle travels through a time warp, and Barbie and the Rockers land on Cape Canaveral in 1959. Barbie and the Rockers put on a classic rock show, but can the scientists help? barbie and the rockers to return to the present? day?

3. barbie in the nutcracker (2001)

Barbie in the Nutcracker tells the story of a young girl named Clara who receives a beautiful wooden nutcracker from her aunt Elizabeth as a Christmas present. Barbie tells the story to her younger sister, Kelly.

As the story continues, the toy comes to life later that night to protect Clara from the Mouse King’s evil soldiers. Clara shrinks to the size of a toy and, along with her plucky nutcracker, searches for a magical sweet plum princess to reverse the spell.

4. barbie as rapunzel (2002)

Barbie as Rapunzel is based on the classic tale. Barbie plays Rapunzel, who is trapped in a tall tower by an evil witch. Hidden from the outside world, Rapunzel spends much of her day painting and dreaming of a happier life.

After many years alone, Rapunzel sets out on a journey with her friends Penelope and Hobie to find her happily ever after.

5. swan lake barbie (2003)

Barbie of Swan Lake is based on a young baker’s daughter named Odette. Barbie plays Odette and one day she follows Lila, a unicorn, into an enchanted forest.

odette is turned into a swan by an evil wizard trying to overthrow the queen of the fairies.

6. barbie as the princess and the pauper (2004)

Barbie as the princess and the pauper is based on the classic story by mark twain. One day a chance encounter between blonde princess Anneliese and brunette commoner Erika begins a lifelong friendship.

The two friends soon discover that the queen’s advisor, premier, has more than one evil plan to gain more power. Only Princess Anneliese’s new friend, Erika, knows how to help her.

7. barbie: fairytopia (2005)

barbie fairytopia is the story of elina, who lives in a magical meadow. eline is a wingless elf who lives in a flower with her best friend bibble from her.

many of elina’s winged friends lose their flying abilities and become weak due to the evil laverna. Eline sets off to save her meadow and her friends by locating Azura, the guardian fairy.

8. barbie and the magic of pegasus (2005)

Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus tells the story of a talented ice skater named Princess Annika. When Ella’s family and Ella’s town are attacked by the evil Wenlock, Ella embarks on a journey to the Cloud Kingdom on the back of Ella’s Flying Pegasus, Brietta.

Together, they uncover family secrets and devise a plan to defeat Wenlock and save their people.

9. barbie fairytopia: mermaid (2006)

Barbie Fairytopia Mermaidia is a sequel to Barbie Fairytopia, where Elina was rewarded for her bravery with her own new pair of wings. Elina has to fight Laverna again now that her soldiers have kidnapped the young merfold prince, Nalu.

laverna threatens to pollute the sea unless nalu reveals the secret location of a magical immunity berry. Eline, Bibble and Mermaid Nori work together to find Nalu and stop Laverna once again.

10. the barbie diaries (2006)

The Barbie Diaries is a movie about Barbie and her best friends, Tia, Courtney and Kevin, in high school. the four sophomores stick together as they face the challenges of high school.

Barbie strives to get her dream job at the school TV station, but she has to battle the most popular girl in school, Raquelle, and juggle her feelings of love for the boy at the same time. weather. Barbie relies on her magical diary to help build her confidence and go after her dreams.

11. barbie in the 12 dancing princesses (2006)

Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is a story about the widowed King Randolph and his 12 daughters. Barbie plays Princess Genevieve, the King’s most outgoing daughter.

To ensure the daughters grow up and learn to behave like proper ladies, the king hires his less fortunate cousin, Duchess Rowena, to teach the girls royal etiquette.

12. Barbie Fairytopia: Magic of the Rainbow (2007)

barbie fariytopia magic of the rainbow follows elina to fairy school, where she learns fairy magic and dancing. Once again, Laverna comes up with an evil plan to stop the fairies from performing their annual rainbow dance.

Elina and her classmates have to learn to put their differences aside and come together to stop Laverna once again.

13. barbie as the island princess (2007)

Barbie as the Island Princess is the story of the castaway Rosella, played by Barbie. rosella grows up on the island with hers her animal friends, who help take care of her.

One day Prince Anthony arrives and encourages Rosella and her pet friends to explore civilization. together they uncover a plot to take over the kingdom and do what they can to try to save the day.

14. barbie: butterfly and her friends butterfly fairies (2008)

Barbie Mariposa and her butterfly fairy friends is a flutterfield land movie in fairytopia. The fairy community is protected by the magical lights of Queen Marabella.

Faced with internal tension, the queen’s own attendant, henna, wants the queen’s power and attempts to take over the kingdom. Mariposa and Ella’s friends Rayna and Rayla take it upon themselves to venture into enemy territory to find an antidote for Ella’s beloved queen.

15. barbie and the diamond castle (2008)

Barbie and the Diamond Castle is about the value of friendship. Barbie and Ella’s best friend Teresa tell Stacie a story about a beautiful kingdom with a diamond castle.

Alexa and Liana, who are good friends, travel together on a dangerous journey. The friends love music, and with the help of songs, they overcome challenges on their journey and learn how powerful friendship can be.

16. barbie in ‘a christmas carol’ (2008)

Barbie in a Carol is a story about the meaning of Christmas and helping those less fortunate.

Barbie’s younger sister, Kelley, longs to stay home for Christmas eating cookies, drinking hot chocolate and enjoying the fireplace instead of attending the hospital’s annual benefit dance. Barbie tries to change her mind when she is visited by the three spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future.

17. Barbie Presents: Thumbelina (2009)

barbie presents thumbelina is a movie about friends who work together to save home from fairies. A magical bunch of Twitlerbees are one with nature and have amazing abilities to help plants and flowers flourish.

However, a mean girl named Makena damages Thumbelina’s favorite wildflower area for sport. On top of that, a construction company is also threatening the land of Twillerbee, and only Thumbelina and her friend have the courage to try and stop them.

18. barbie and the three musketeers (2009)

Barbie and the Three Musketeers is a heroic story of four brave girls who strive to break down barriers and defend their royal family. Corinne longs to become a fighter and protect the French royal family just like her father has done all her life. Corinne is disappointed to find out that girls aren’t allowed to be musketeers.

instead, corinne and three mops, viveca, aramina and renee, share the same desire to fight as musketeers and defend the royal family. The four are secretly trained by a master swordsman and soon put their talents to work saving Prince Louis.

19. sing with barbie (2009)

singing with barbie is a karaoke movie. Sing along with on-screen lyrics twelve memorable Barbie songs from popular Barbie movies.

20. barbie in a mermaid tale (2010)

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale is an adventure in Malibu among the waves of the ocean. During a surfing tournament, Merliah, who thinks she is an ordinary teenager, has an unexpected experience and discovers her true identity, a mermaid princess from Oceana.

With new dolphin and mermaid friends, Merliah tries to save the kingdom of Oceana and her mother Calissa. the team of new friends need to work together to find three magical items from the ocean to save everyone.

21. barbie: a fashion fairy tale (2010)

Barbie: A Fashionable Fairy Tale is an animated adventure film set in Paris. Barbie and Ella’s French poodle, Sequin, travel to Paris to visit Ella’s Aunt Millicent, who owns a design house.

Barbie finds out that times are tough and the fashion house is likely to close due to slow business. With the help of Millicent’s assistant Alice, the two need to come up with some bold creative ideas to save the business.

22. barbie: a fairy secret (2011)

barbie a fairy secret is a story of fairies that surround us and the power of friendship. Ken is kidnapped by fairies and Barbie’s stylist friends reveal that they too are fairies and may know where they’ve taken Ken.

Barbie sets out to find Ken and her rival Raquelle in a secret fairy world and bring him back. Along the way, they face challenges and discover the magic of fairies, but most of all, they find the power of friendship.

23. barbie: princess enchanted school (2011)

Barbie Princess Charm School is an animated movie about a young waitress named Blair Willows. she is a kind and generous girl with a pure heart.

Blair is accepted into Gardania’s prestigious Prince Charming School, where she can learn to be a true princess or royal lady. selfish lady devin recognizes blair as possibly the kingdom’s missing heir to the throne.

24. barbie: a perfect christmas (2011)

Barbie, A Perfect Christmas is a Barbie animated film about the Christmas holidays. Barbie and Ella’s sisters Stacie, Skipper and Chelsea pack their bags and head to New York to visit Aunt Millie.

Along the journey, unforeseen complications arise and the sisters find themselves in the holiday town of Tannenbaum, where their journey takes a musical turn in the picturesque snow-capped mountains.

25. barbie in a mermaid tale 2 (2012)

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2 follows surfing mermaid Merliah Summers in Australia as she competes in a huge surfing competition.

while merliah is away from oceana, a siren with evil intentions, eris tries to seize the throne. Merliah and her friends are pushed to the limit when her love for both worlds is challenged.

26. Barbie: The Princess & the pop star (2012)

Barbie the Princess & the Popstar is an animated barbie movie about following your passion for singing and dancing. Princess Maribella meets Ella’s favorite pop star Keria and discovers that they have a lot in common, including how beautiful she looks.

The two decided to trade places, but living the afterlife isn’t as easy as they thought, and they begin to find more value in being the best version of themselves.

27. barbie with the pink shoes (2013)

Barbie in the Pink Shoes is a popular barbie movie about dancing. Barbie plays the role of Kristyn, a ballet dancer. One day, when Kristyn tries on a pair of bright pink shoes, she gets carried away with her friend into a secret world of ballet.

In this new fantasy world, Kristyn learns of an evil snow queen that she must defeat by dancing her favorite ballets. Kristyn dances to the famous Giselle and Swan Lake ballet.

28. Barbie: Butterfly & the fairy princess (2013)

Barbie Butterfly and the Fairy Princess is a Barbie movie about making new friends and helping others. butterfly fairy butterfly travels to the fairy kingdom of shimmervale as the royal ambassador of flutterfield. she intends to make peace with the crystal fairies during her visit.

While meeting the royal family, he makes a new friendship with King Regellius’s daughter, Princess Catania. Soon the two discover an evil plot by Gwyllion and his pet Boris the Bat to destroy Shimmervale by turning the crystals into rocks and must rely on their newfound friendship to save the kingdom and make peace.

29. Barbie & her sisters in a pony tale (2013)

Barbie & Her Sisters in a Pony Tale is a movie about a riding academy in the Swiss Alps. Barbie, Stacie, Chelsea and Skipper head off to Switzerland for a summer horseback adventure.

Barbie hopes to find a horse to take home to Malibu. Stacie wants to prove that she’s an excellent horseman, Chelsea wants to ride big horses, and the boss isn’t too keen on being outdoors.

30. barbie: the pearl princess (2014)

Barbie the Pearl Princess is a deep sea adventure where secrets and pearls are buried deep below. lumina is a mermaid who has the ability to make pearls come to life by dancing and changing colors.

Her other hidden talent is being a talented hairdresser. With a royal ball just hours away, will all her talents be enough to become the Pearl Princess?

31. barbie and the secret door (2014)

Barbie and the Secret Door is a barbie movie about young princess alexa who accidentally finds a secret door in the royal garden. although she alexa would rather be reading her books, she now finds herself starring in her own adventure.

In the new magical kingdom behind the secret door, Alexa becomes the protector of the kingdom and must save the land from the evil Malucia, who is trying to steal the magical power of the land.

32. barbie in princess power (2015)

Barbie in Princess Power is a heroic adventure that soars to new heights. a magical butterfly kisses kara and she is surprised to discover that she now has superpowers.

Under a new name, Super Sparkle, Kara flies in to save the day. Not everyone likes her new superpowers. her jealous cousin finds the magic butterfly and becomes dark sparkle, her new enemy.

33. barbie in rock and royals (2015)

Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals is a Barbie musical about Princess Courtney and famous rock star Erika Juno. the two accidentally swap lives with the princess landing at camp pop and the rock star landing at camp royalty.

As both sides try to reverse the mistake, the two girls make the most of their unique situation and strike up new friendships.

34. Barbie & her sisters in the great adventure of the puppies (2015)

barbie & Ella’s Sisters in Big Pup Adventure is a sister’s story about mystery and adventure with furry friends. When Barbie and Ella Skipper’s sisters, Stacie and Chelsea return to their hometown of Willows, they rummage through Ella’s grandmother’s attic.

The gang finds a treasure map of their local town and sets out to uncover a hidden chest of jewels, only to discover that the real treasure is their friendship.

35. barbie: spy squad (2016)

barbie spy squad is a barbie movie about normal friends who work together to achieve the unexpected. Barbie, Teresa and Renee, who are talented gymnasts, are recruited as undercover agents.

Using the team’s special abilities and working together, they track down a jewel thief responsible for a long string of heists and prove that they can be great spies.

36. barbie: starlight adventure (2016)

barbie star light adventure is a space adventure in a distant universe. Barbie flies through space on her hoverboard with her furry corn pup. one day, the bright stars begin to dim and flicker.

To save the stars, Barbie flies to a new planet to join a team of heroes on a mission to save the twinkling stars. If Barbie listens to her heart and follows her instincts, then she could be the leader the universe needs.

37. Barbie & her sisters in a puppy chase (2016)

barbie & Ella Sisters on a Puppy Chase is a barbie animated film about teamwork. Barbie and her sisters travel to a tropical paradise for the Chelsea dance competition.

The gang and their pups have some free time before the dance and decide to visit a nearby dancing horse festival. When exploring the horse festival, the girls get separated from their pups and must find them before the big dance.

38. barbie: video game heroine (2017)

Barbie video game heroine and a barbie movie that levels up your game. Barbie is magically transported into her favorite video game and becomes a roller-skating character with blonde pigtails.

Barbie befriends another character in the game named Belle, who is a skating princess. The two girls work together, playing through level after level to defeat an evil emoji trying to take over the game.

39. barbie dolphin magic (2017)

Barbie Dolphin Magic is a Barbie movie about a fun underwater adventure. Barbie and her sisters meet Ken at his summer job, where he is researching the lives of dolphins on a nearby coral reef.

Barbie and her friends discover rare rainbow dolphins that visit annually and also learn how fragile the reef can be. Your mission is to try to save the local reefs and meet a mermaid in the process.

40. barbie: adventure princess (2020)

barbie princess adventure is an animated musical movie about barbie traveling to the country of floravia to meet princess amelia. Barbie and Princess Amelia devise a plan to switch places as Amelia is nervous about becoming queen.

A rival prince tries to unravel her secret, and Barbie and Amelia try to make the switch before Amelia’s coronation ceremony. Along their journey, Barbie and Amelia find her voice and sing several new Barbie songs.

41. Barbie: Chelsea & the lost birthday (2021)

barbie chelsea & the lost birthday is a birthday celebration. Barbie and her family embark on a tropical cruise to celebrate Chelsea’s seventh birthday.

When the ship crosses the international deadline, Chelsea thinks he missed his birthday. Later, Chelsea sets out on his own quest in the jungle to find a magical gem and get his birthday back.

42. barbie: big city, big dreams (2021)

Barbie Big City Big Dreams is an animated barbie movie about trying your best. Barbie Malibu travels to New York City to join an elite performing arts program and meet Barbie from Brooklyn. The two immediately become best friends and enjoy spending time singing and exploring the great city of New York.

The two are very talented and all-round for the top spot to sing a solo in times square and discover that friendly competition is more about being your best and sharing the spotlight.

43. barbie: mermaid power (2022)

44. barbie: epic road trip (2022)

barbie movie list infographic

how many barbie movies are there? Here are the best Barbie movies arranged in a colorful infographic that you can bookmark as you watch. have you seen them all?

Below are the barbie movies (film series) in order of their release date, starting in 2001 with barbie in the nutcracker and ending with the highly anticipated barbie: princess adventure, released on netflix on september 1 of 2020.

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history of barbie movies

Barbie has starred in 43 movies, from Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001) to the new Netflix release Barbie: Big Town, Big Dreams (2021). Barbie has made dozens of best friends along the way.

Throughout Mattel’s Barbie Cartoon Collection, the constant theme of Barbie remaining the heroine is evident when compared to other princess films.

constantly challenges the status quo by inspiring girls around the world to pursue their dreams.

mattel now has more than 17 barbie career dolls that encourage girls to grow up to be who they want to be instead of what society tells them they should be.

Barbie career examples include astronaut, doctor, photojournalist, athlete, pilot, soccer coach and more.

As the Barbie movies continue to change over time, fans have taken notice. In recent years, not only has the animation improved and the songs have become more entertaining, but Matte’s goal of “anyone can be Barbie” has taken center stage.

Surprisingly or not, long-time fans of the Barbie movies seem to prefer the old movie classics to the new-age agenda of making Barbie more accessible.

It’s not clear what fans are really missing, but maybe if Barbie can be anyone, then Barbie is no longer something to look up to and fight for. Or maybe it’s something simpler like shoddy narration?

One thing is clear, Barbie fans are passionate and cherish their Barbie childhood memories and hope to pass them on.

the best list of barbie movies in order is shown below. Explore the full list of old Barbie movies and our top 10 rankings, including 3 new seasons of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures streaming on Netflix.

Which barbie movies (film series) are your favorites? Read and share your feedback on our Barbie YouTube video. find the video on our channel.

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barbie news

Barbie released the first photo of Margot Robbie in the upcoming live-action Barbie movie, set for release on July 21, 2023, in association with Warner Bros. Pictures and Mattel Films. The film will be directed by Greta Gerwig (director of Lady Bird and Little Women) and co-written with Noah Baumbach.

You’ll recognize many top celebrity names joining Barbie (Margot Robbie) on the big screen, including Ryan Gosling as Ken, Emma Mackey, Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, America Ferrera, Kate Mckinnon, Michael Cera, Issa Rae, hari nef, alexandra shipp and more.

barbie it takes two is the next barbie series to be released on netflix in 2022. the new set of barbie dolls released in december 2021 show movie fans that the movie will most likely be a camping trip in brooklyn with Barbie, her sisters, friends and puppies on a family camping trip.

Barbie is a fan favorite, and new movies are released every year. 2021 featured two new barbie movies, and the first barbie series of 2022 has just been announced, which is barbie: it takes two.

To see another popular princess page, check out the official list of 12 disney princesses and their list of handsome disney princes. Can you guess all the Disney princesses and their princes correctly?

barbie website and social media links

new barbie movies coming soon

Two new Barbie movies, Barbie: Mermaid Power and Barbie: Epic Road Trip, have also been announced for late 2022. The newest Barbie release you can check out right now is Barbie: Big City, Big dreams.

Watch Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams on Netflix now, along with Barbie: Chelsea & the missed birthday Both of these are new barbie movies best streaming now on netflix, released in 2021. if you want to know where to watch barbie movies, use this link to see our list of barbie to watch.

Also, Barbie: Princess Adventure was released on Netflix on September 1, 2020. It includes 6 new songs and you can even shop the toy collections from the movie here.

go here for a full list of where to watch barbie movies.

the best barbie movies

See the list of the top 10 featured animated barbie movies.

barbie movie appearances in toy story 2 and hawaiian vacation

Visit our next animated movies page for a list of the most anticipated animated movies for 2021 and 2022 or where to watch barbie movies.

Our Disney Icons and Disney+ Pages are also detailed streaming options for the whole family or Marvel Heroic Animated Movies.

Barbie information on wikipedia and justwatch are also great resources.

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