Where was the movie the wedding veil unveiled filmed

Where was the movie the wedding veil unveiled filmed

recently, hallmark channel’s the wedding veil, starring lacey chabert and kevin mcgarry, kicked off a trilogy of films with an antique wedding veil at the center of the stories. At the next unveiling of the wedding veil, the veil is passed on to the next friend, who takes it to Italy to research its history.

Here’s what we know about the wedding veil revealed.

what is the bridal reveal veil all about?

in the second installment of the trilogy that takes place a few months after avery’s (lacey chabert), emma (autumn reeser) travels to italy to teach history of American art. While she’s there, she uses her spare time to research the veil’s provenance, which leads her to the colorful island of Burano, famous for its exquisitely handcrafted lace.

On her way to the island, she meets Paolo (paolo bernardini), a handsome man who offers her help, but Emma, ​​still processing the end of a long-distance relationship, becomes confused. denies. her search takes her to the oldest shop on the island, where the owner enthusiastically responds to her veil. emma doesn’t understand italian but luckily paolo shows up and translates. It turns out that Paolo’s grandmother is the owner of the store. she explains that the veil shares a special connection with her family, which she thought had been destroyed. Paolo and Emma decide to work together to unravel the centuries-old mystery of how the long-lost veil found its way from Italy to a store in San Francisco. As they spend time together and Paolo helps Emma let loose and embrace the beauty of Italy, they begin to fall in love with each other. As Emma prepares to return to Chicago, she’s not sure she can handle another long-distance relationship, but the veil and the legend of her may have other plans.

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how many movies are there in the bridal veil series?

There are currently three films in the Bridal Veil series. the bridal veil, the uncovered bridal veil, and the legacy of the bridal veil.

where does the uncovered wedding veil fall in the three films?

the wedding veil revealed is the second in the wedding veil trilogy.

where was the wedding veil reveal filmed?

the wedding veil unveiled was filmed in italy, specifically in venice and st. mark’s square and on the island of burano, outside venice. Burano is famous for its handmade lace. some scenes were also shot in bulgaria.

what happened in the first wedding veil movie?

The first movie introduced us to Avery, Emma and Tracy (Alison Sweeney), three college friends who keep in touch at least once a year when they have a girls’ weekend together to go antique shopping. each time in a different city. The three meet in San Francisco and discover an antique wedding veil in an antique store. the veil has its own mythology attached to it: it is said that whoever wears the veil will find true love. The three friends collaborate and buy the veil, and Avery is the first to take possession of the veil. Before long, she meets Peter (Kevin McGarry) while in San Francisco, but the two find out that they both live in Boston. after some misunderstandings, the two fall in love while working together on the restoration of a centuries-old painting.

who stars in the uncovered bridal veil?

autumn reeser (emma)

Autumn Reeser previously starred alongside fellow Hallmark Channel alumni in two series: Valentine with Kristoffer Polaha and Last Resort with Daniel Lissing. Her first channel signature movie was Love in the Thanksgiving Day Parade opposite Antonio Cupo, who also co-starred with her in a Glenbrooke Christmas.

Follow her on instagram @autumn_reeser and on twitter @autumnreeser.

paolo bernardini (paolo)

Paolo Bernardini had his first screen role in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs of New York. that experience alone was enough to convince him to pursue acting full-time. He is fluent in French, Italian and English and has starred in projects in all three languages.

follow him on instagram @_misterpaul_.

lacey chabert (avery)

Fan-favorite Lacey Chabert has starred in over two dozen films for the Hallmark Channel, including the popular All of My Heart trilogy and the Hallmark & Chabert Mysteries has also done extensive voice acting, including voicing characters in Harriet the Spy, Robot Chicken, Transformers, and Justice League. Two of her Christmas movies, The Christmas Waltz and Christmas at Hart’s Castle received some of the network’s highest Christmas viewing numbers. She also serves as an executive producer on the Bridal Veil film trilogy.

Follow her on instagram @thereallacey and on twitter @iamlaceychabert.

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alison sweeney (tracy)

sweeney stars in several distinctive films & mystery series including murder, she baked and the chronicle of mysteries. She starred opposite Marc Blucas in the irresistible Cranberry Farm based on the book Mary Simses as well as in Good Morning Christmas. She also recently reprized her role as Dimera Sami in Days of Our Lives.

Follow her on Twitter @alisweeney and Instagram @alisonsweeney.

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