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Columbus telugu movie review

Video Columbus telugu movie review

sumanth ashwin is slowly but steadily making her presence felt in tollywood. After a lackluster hit with Kerintha, she returns with a romantic entertainer Columbus. Also starring Seerat Kapoor and Mishti Chakraborthy, this movie has hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


ashwin(sumanth ashwin) is a young university student who falls in love with indu(mishti). as he goes on, ashwin leaves behind all his career goals and lives life only from indu’s point of view. this nature of hers irritates indu a lot and she completely ignores him and heads to delhi.

A disillusioned Ashwin follows her to Delhi. by the way, he gets involved in a murder mystery and is arrested. by the time he leaves, indu has left him forever. this is also the time he meets neeraja (seerat kapoor) who promises to help him find indu.

The twist in the story comes when both Neeraja and Ashwin begin to grow closer. what will ashwin do now? Who will he finally end up with? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:-

the romantic track between ashwin and seerat kapoor has been handled in an interesting way. stories like these are fairly new to telugu movies and seerat and ashwin’s chemistry has been handled quite well.

sumanth ashwin has improved by leaps and bounds. she is decent with her dialogue delivery and has done a good job in the comedy department. seerat kapoor is pretty awesome and has gone all out. misthi has done her part well but she doesn’t have much to do.

The second half of the film is the most important asset. major twists are revealed during this time and the proceedings get a bit interesting. the scenes where the hero discovers his true love have been cleverly executed.

negative points:-

The main drawback of the film is the weak characterization of the main actors. Both the mishti and ashwin clues have not been properly addressed. their characters have no justification and don’t create any chemistry.

after a moment, the movie becomes predictable and for no reason. it moves in a single agenda and that has not been exhibited well either. saptagiri’s comedy seems out of place and doesn’t generate much laughter.

Some very important characters have been misused in the film. the way neeraja plans to bring ashwin and mishti together seems too transparent. the first half doesn’t have much to offer and is routine.

technical aspects:-

The camera work is pretty decent and it shows the film in rich light. the production values ​​are good and the dialogues too. jatin’s music is good and so was his background score. coming to director ramesh samala, he has done an average job with narrating him. Even though he has chosen a novel script, his execution is below average.


Overall, Colón is another triangular love story that has its moments. Seerat Kapoor’s romantic track with Sumanth Ashwin and a passable second half are some assets. on the other hand, a routine first half and weak characterizations spoil the flow of the film. If you have an eye for teen love stories and have nothing else to do this weekend, check out this movie called Columbus. the rest can take it easy. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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