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Review : Yentavadu Gaani – Emotional Cop Drama |

Enthavadu gaani movie review

Video Enthavadu gaani movie review

director gautam menon, is synonymous with making hard-hitting police movies. His latest police drama starring Ajith has been dubbed into Telugu as Yentavaadu Gani. Let’s see how the movie turns out.


satyadev(ajith) is a powerful policeman who fears no one. One fine day, a feared gangster named Victor (Arun Vijay) suddenly attacks Satyadev’s friend Chandramukhi (Anushka). things get ugly and chandramukhi receives heavy police protection.

victor tries hard to kill chandramukhi, but always fails. This is also the time when Chandramukhi comes to know that Victor is an old enemy of Satydev and shares a personal vendetta with him and his wife Hemanika (Trisha).

who is this winner? What does he have to do with satyadev and his family? will satyadev manage to save chandramukhi? To know the answers to all these questions, you need to see the movie on the big screen.

positive points:-

The main advantage of the film is the gripping script. All credit must go to director Gautam Menon for showing such a simple story in an engaging way. ajith gives a top notch performance as a satyadev. all the scenes of his confrontation with arun vijay are excellent and raise the pace of the movie.

arun vijay is supreme in his negative role and gives the best performance of his career. the way he takes on a powerful actor like ajith says a lot about his acting. Anushka perfectly fits the role of him. the pre-climax and all the chase scenes have been well designed.

the bond shown between ajith and his daughter is shown well. the chemistry between ajith and trisha is crackling and their love song has wonderful moments.

negative points:-

The film has its boring moments. after an engaging start, the movie gets emotional and bogs down a bit. the pace of the film drops and the script becomes a bit predictable. Anushka’s track lacks clarity and could have been handled well.

yentavadu gaani has two faces and changes tracks suddenly. what starts out as a revenge drama becomes highly emotional. the movie gets pretty serious after a while and all those looking for regular entertainment may be disappointed.

the length of the movie is too long as the director goes into too much detail and unnecessary episodes. there are certain logics missing in the movie.

technical aspects:-

Music was the biggest asset for the Tamil version, but it’s fine when it comes to Telugu. the background score is very good and lifts the movie to a decent level. the dialogues are contemporary and suit the mood of the film. the editing is sub-par, as several scenes could easily have been edited to make the movie sharp.

referring to director gautam menon, he took a simple theme and narrated it with a gripping script. the way he has recorded powerful characters is quite good.


Overall, yentvadu gaani is another emotional police drama from gautam menon. Ajith and Arun Vijay’s powerful acting and gripping script are the main assets of this film. the film deviates many times and is a bit too long. Clearly aimed at a niche audience, this film will do well in the ‘a’ centers and it’s a one time only to see the rest. rating: 3/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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