How Much Money The Author Of Demon Slayer Made From The Mugen Train Movie?

How much money did demon slayer movie make

demon slayer: mugen train is the most successful anime movie of all time. in terms of popularity & benefit, the film broke almost all box office records worldwide becoming the highest grossing anime film ever made. But out of all these earnings, how much did the creator of the series, Koyoharu Gotouge, actually earn? surprisingly, it’s not enough!

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train grossed over 57 billion yen ($500 million) worldwide. it also became the highest-grossing film of 2020 and the first film outside of Hollywood to do so. but, despite all this success, the author made only a mere part of it. Of the $500 million, gotouge made an estimated total of just $17,380.

This data comes from a Japanese editorial website, a business magazine that delves into the business side of various industries. In an interview, the editorial team spoke with Japanese Film Insider & writer hotaka sugimoto on the distribution of demon slayer’s box office revenue between the creator, publisher, and production committee.

sugimoto explained that because demon slayer is gotouge’s first serialized work, they are treated as a new writer, so the initial fee for using the work as a motion picture can be incredibly low. he further added that the mugen train was only decided to be made into a movie during the early broadcast of the demon slayer anime tv series when it was not as popular as it is now.

These two aspects mean that, at most, the fee given to shueisha for the rights to the story was only about 4 million yen (34,767 usd), and only half that, that is, 2 million yen ($17,383) went to gotouge directly for the theatrical release of mugen train.

sugimoto noted that because shueisha is one of three companies on the film’s production committee, including aniplex and ufotable, they will receive a large amount of the box office profits. And this is after theaters also take their cut, which is estimated at 50% of box office profits in Japan.

Now, it’s up to shueisha whether or not they pass the profits on to gotouge, and that largely depends on their contract with the publisher, which is not disclosed to the public. however, sugimoto mentioned that as the newest writer on the weekly shonen jump, gotouge’s contract likely won’t have royalty payments built in for the theatrical release of demon slayer: mugen train.

In 2015, hideaki sorachi, the creator of gintama, also issued a statement on this matter by mentioning that “regardless of how many people watch the movie or how much the gross profit is, the author does not receive a single yen.” . they just pay us a license fee up front.” therefore, all profits from the theatrical release of the film barely go into the pocket of the creator.

However, it is not entirely true that the author of demon slayer did not earn a penny from the film. gotouge may receive some royalties from “secondary use fees” with respect to the film. sugimoto explained that a theatrical screening is classified as an “original use fee,” which is usually just an upfront payment, but home video rights are classified as “secondary use fees.”

In these cases, the original creator would receive some royalties based on the DVDs and Blu-rays rented and sold. On average, an original creator of a work would receive a 1.75% royalty on the purchase of a home video release in Japan. so basically, regardless of how much the movie makes from dvd sales, some of it goes to the creator, although it’s still very low.

Finally, sugimoto added that while gross box office royalties may not be paid to the original creator, it is still a win-win situation for the creator because sales of the original work increase if the film turns out to be a hit. ticket office. and, for demon slayer, it happened.

Sales of the manga reached record levels, selling over 82 million physical copies in 2020 alone! As of 2022, the series has sold over 150 million copies worldwide. In addition, products sold in theaters in Japan also give the original creator a commission, which also returns some royalties on those sales.

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source: crunchyroll

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