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Kinobody Movie Star Body Program Review (Is It Legit?) – NOOB GAINS

Kinobody movie star program review

Is it possible to build a “movie star body” with just 3 workouts a week?

That’s what you’re going to discover in this extensive review of the kinobody movie star body program.

But before I get into the review, I have a couple of things to say.

First of all, thank you for visiting my site.

I’m really honored that you’re interested in hearing from a fitness junkie like me. thanks!

Second, if you keep reading, you’ll find the full movie star body review on this page. and actually I think it’s a very good program.

but I think you should know something before continuing.

what is the movie star body program?

the movie star body program is a premium digital fitness system created by kinobody founder greg o’gallagher. According to the sales page, this program promises that you can…

  • reach 6-9% body fat
  • increase your strength incredibly
  • create muscular proportions that resemble male movie stars
  • “master your body weight”

These claims are pretty much in line with what kinobody has been preaching for years. the brand has positioned itself as the real solution to create an aesthetic body that resembles the physique of hollywood celebrities.

and the creator of this program says you can achieve all of this while training just 3 days a week and eating hearty, satisfying meals every night.

about the creator – greg o’ gallagher

the movie star body was created by greg o’ gallagher, the founder of kinobody, a fitness brand dedicated to teaching others how to achieve a hollywood-style lean body.

greg o’ gallagher was the son of billionaire michael o’ gallagher, the founder of metcap, the largest manager of multi-family residences in toronto. At the time of Michael’s death in 1988, his estimated net worth was $800 million.

one of greg’s main goals was to become a fitness model and transition into acting. She even landed a supporting role in a low-budget horror movie “The Russian Bride” starring Corbin Bernsen in 2019.

but greg’s overall passion has always revolved around exercise. Thanks to his hard work, coupled with his family’s wealth and connections, he was given the opportunity to build a profitable fitness company that boasts a wide range of products including:

  • premium programs like warrior shredding and greek god
  • health and fitness accessories like the kino belt and kino vision glasses
  • supplements like kino collagen protein powder and octane pre-workout
  • a custom clothing line called kino clothing

what does the movie star body include?

again, movie star body is a digital fitness program. It is hosted on the popular web platform, kajabi, and after registering, you get access to all the modules included in the program.

I had heard good things about kajabi before buying this program and browsing the dashboard confirms it. kajabi’s interface is easy to navigate and clearly states how to move from one section to the next.

For this review, I purchased the platinum version which includes both bodyweight and standard gym workout routines. however, this version does not include any kinobody or group coaching coupon or discount codes.

There are 14 modules in this program, so let’s take a look at each one and find out what’s inside.

course introduction

As the module suggests, this is the introduction to the course (duh). this section contains three small sections.

the video “welcome to the show!” features o’gallagher explaining the change you are expected to experience and how important it is for you to commit to the process.

Section 2, “what lies ahead…” provides an overview of the entire course, including training, nutrition, recipes, cardio, supplements, and mind mastering (also known as hypnosis). ).

and the “final thoughts before digging in” section simply encourages you for the course and sends you on your way.

movie star body workout basics

This course module provides an overview of the entire training program for the “gym version” of the movie star body. If you only sign up for the bodyweight program, I imagine you won’t have access to this section.

To be clear, I won’t reveal the details of the training program (boo, I know). I’ll provide an overview of each section, but as for the exercises, sets, reps, and routines, I can’t reveal that for fear of being sued.

Overall, this module is dedicated to changing your mindset, explaining what your goals and standards are throughout the programme, and how to know (at a high level) if you’re making progress.

A lot of this has to do with focusing on “key lifts,” striving to push yourself hard with every gym session, and aiming for certain standards of strength. minimalism is preached a lot in this module, making sure to limit our sessions, but making each one as efficient as possible.

movie star body nutrition plan

In this module, you will learn all about the nutrition required for the course. Similar to the training module, this one starts with a single video and then follows with eight written sections.

Also, like the training module, I can’t reveal the detailed calorie and macro calculations as that is part of the core of this nutrition plan.

The module begins with a video where Greg O’Gallagher explains the basics of the nutrition plan, including intermittent fasting, how to structure your meals, macro and calorie requirements, and what to expect in terms of progress.


has a written section that shares some advice from an anonymous mentor who, according to o’gallagher, “runs one of the biggest studios in hollywood.” believe that statement or not, the advice given by the mentor is pretty good.

The essence of this section is “take your time”. if you take your time, you’ll actually make better progress than if you tried shortcuts or any method that might overtly streamline the standard process.

there are more details about…

  • protein requirements
  • intermittent fasting
  • monitoring
  • carbohydrate refeeding
  • frequently asked questions

The module ends with a written section that tries to address the question “when will I be shredded?”, but doesn’t really answer it. All in all, it seems like this title was an afterthought.

the exercise routine: phase one

so this is it. the real workout for the platinum movie star body.

This module contains all the written text in just three sections. goes into detail about the workouts in phase one of the program and everything else.

o’gallagher begins this module with the phrase “now the moment you’ve been waiting for!” anticipating that he was probably looking for this section all along.

as greg mentions on the sales page, there are only 3 workouts, they revolve around main compound lifts and use a mix of reverse pyramid training (rpt) and kino rep training.

for those who don’t know, reverse pyramid training is a tactic promoted by kinobody quite often and is a way of structuring your working exercise sets so that you start with your heaviest weight in the lowest rep range . then, with each additional set, decrease the weight by 10% and increase the number of reps by about 2 reps.

here is a rough example:

  • set #1: 100 lbs x 6 reps
  • set #2: 90 lbs x 8 reps
  • set #3: 80 lbs x 10 repetitions

The idea is that you can produce more force when your muscles are “fresh”, so this strategy takes advantage of that by making the first set heavier compared to the others.

Kino rep training sounds like it’s something exclusive to the kinobody brand, but it actually sounds like standard pyramid training. you increase the weight with each set.

There are a couple more training methods presented in this module, but I won’t reveal them (again, I don’t want to get sued). then there are some final tips on transitioning to phase two.

phase 2: size & strength

In this module, kinobody explains the details of the phase two workout routine. the goal of this phase is to build on phase one by focusing on a combination of size and strength (hence the title).

While this is still a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workout routine, each workout has its own section with considerable written explanation on how best to approach it.

again, you will find a combination of rpt, kino rep training and others used in these workouts. This phase typically contains more volume to support the building of more muscle size.

phase 3: the shrink wrap phase

The “shrink wrap phase” of the movie star body program is where O’gallagher says you actually create more definition, making it look like your skin has “wrapped” around your muscles.

This phase uses a combination of higher volume sets and brief rest periods to stimulate sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. however, standard key risers have a volume reduction.

The training portion is covered in three written sections.

In addition, this module contains a change of diet, going from a caloric deficit to a recompose configuration. If you’re not familiar, a reset is when you eat just below your maintenance calories with the goal of maintaining your current physique without significant change.

There is a very long section written on this subject in the shrink wrap phase. however, about ⅔ of the information is about “why” and the rest is about “how”.

movie star bodyweight training program

if you did not purchase the “platinum” option for the movie star body, then the bodyweight training program is the only training program you will have access to. this module is quite long with 14 separate written sections, each of at least 1000 words.

here is a quick summary of everything covered in this module.

  • the advantages of “elite” bodyweight training
  • the problem with other bodyweight courses
  • the main bodyweight movements and their progressions
  • a team lists
  • the complete workouts (exercises, sets, reps, and rest times) for phases one through three of the program
  • a nutrition setup
  • a hybrid training routine that combines free weights and calisthenics
  • intermittent fasting rules
  • an extra routine to work your traps
  • strength standards

An excel spreadsheet is included with this module that presents the workouts and exercises for each week in all three phases. I’m not going to lie, it’s very useful.

This program is presented similar to the gym version in all three phases. In all three phases, there are core exercises that begin each workout and act as key indicators of progress, but with each sequential phase, more volume and tricks are added to induce sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

the progression appears to be very similar to the kinobody bodyweight dominance program, however it appears the brand has stopped selling that program since the release of movie star body.

The strength standards have been adapted so that they are not based on a certain amount of weight, but rather on a certain number of repetitions for an advanced variation of the exercise (such as doing 10 one-arm push-ups with your feet elevated).

Overall, this module seems to be very comprehensive and all questions related to this training and the structure of the diet are answered.

movie star bodyweight training vault

This module contains all the video tutorials for each of the bodyweight exercises mentioned in the bodyweight program. all are shot in high definition and feature greg o’gallagher teaching and demonstrating each exercise in person.

These were filmed in his home gym and runtime ranges from 3-10 minutes for each video. In general, the videos are well shot and the tips are very useful in each exercise.

A couple of things included in this module that weren’t directly mentioned in the previous module are an additional video on abdominal training and an additional video on jump rope conditioning.

tarzan training phase!

This module covers an advanced training program called (you guessed it) the tarzan training. Like the other routines, it includes three separate workouts, but acts as an advanced movie star bodyweight program routine that incorporates “explosive power, pulling strength, and athleticism.”

Think more of the very aggressive line jumps and jerks. There is also a hybrid version of this workout that includes some kinobody “key lifts”. this module contains a written section and four video sections, some with multiple videos inside.

phase one: movie star lift vault

This module contains all the exercise tutorial videos for phase one of the movie star body platinum program. There are even separate videos dedicated to the specific rep schemes mentioned in the routine.

phase two: movie star lift vault

This module contains all the exercise video tutorials for phase two of the Movie Stars Body Gym exercise program.

Phase Three: Movie Star Vault Lifting Bonus Exercises

This module contains all the exercise tutorial videos for Phase Three of the Movie Star Body Gym Exercise Program.

movie star training: simple recipes

This module contains nine recipes that are actually quite easy to prepare and sound good too. there are easy-to-follow instructions for each, plus a picture to show what the finished product should look like.

movie star bodyweight facebook group

You get access to the members only facebook group when you join the standard program and like other kinobody groups it is quite active. At the time of writing this review, there are over 5,000 members with new questions, tips, and cool memes being posted daily. furthermore, this is where kinobody probably grows most of its success stories.

movie star body bonuses

Along with the main program comes a good number of bonuses. Let’s go through each one and see what’s inside.

the fat loss accelerator

I was a bit surprised by this bonus because I thought it was going to contain strategies similar to what you might find in the aggressive fat loss program, but instead it revolves around cardio.

neck work

In this section, you can see Greg wrap a weight in a towel, drop it on his head, and twist his neck like Batman shaking his head with the cap on his head.

jokes aside, it offers a hands-on approach to neck training that adds a little finishing touch to the “movie star physique.” there are some pictures inside that demonstrate how having a small neck can actually limit the “wow factor” of your finished physique.

the low volume strategy

Although this lean production strategy is in the “bonuses” section, it is very informative. This section explains when to do the bundle, how to do it, and for how long. There are even some tips to minimize fat gain.

self-hypnosis exercise

this is a very long written section dealing with the power of self-hypnosis using an anecdotal story from o’gallagher. then there are instructions on how often and how to implement self-hypnosis effectively.

To be honest, I’m actually a fan of self-hypnosis. however, the script found in this section doesn’t seem to be pushing it towards different actions. instead, the script is more about boosting your confidence and making you feel like you deserve a better body.

I think what would have been more effective is if the script had more tactical commands like “when you feel the urge to overeat, you’ll feel even more satisfied when you put down your fork” or something like that. (it’s hard to think of these things on the spot here).

self-hypnosis recording 1.0

This is the self-hypnosis mp3 recording on which the exercise is based. it is greg o’gallagher himself who talks about the script. I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually heard it, but I’m sure it’s all there.

things I like about the show

the information is complete (and works)

first of all, i have been following greg o’gallagher and the kinobody brand for quite some time and i can tell you from personal experience that the methods explained in this kajabi hosted program should produce results. results will be different for each person, but standard strategies are sound.

The diet portion of the program is complete. includes calorie calculations, macro instructions, plus quick meals is a very good bonus. in fact, I found a recipe that I could try myself.

the information on training and exercises is also extensive. For each routine, you get an extended written portion explaining all exercises, sets, reps, and rest times, as well as explanations of kinobody’s signature intensity and rep schedules.

what are probably the most complete parts of each module when greg o’gallagher answers the simple “why” question.

  • “why intermittent fasting?”
  • “why reverse pyramid training?”
  • “why should I eat so much protein?”

Any questions you may have with any of the methods in this program will definitely be addressed with fairly lengthy answers.

Of course, if you’re not happy with anything in the program, you can always get a full refund within 30 days.

exercise tutorials are very helpful

if there’s one thing o’gallagher does well, it’s acting in front of the camera. And that’s exactly what he does with each of the HD exercise videos included in the program.

The videos are shot at a very high quality and Greg does a good job of walking you through how each exercise should feel, how much effort to apply, and how to execute correctly.

The prompts and descriptions you use for each exercise let you know you’ve been doing them long enough to understand the basic mechanics and demonstrate them with confidence.

phase three is well thought out

I’ve read fitness programs in the past that have split training into three phases, but have generally focused on gaining muscle. because of this, they tend to start at a higher volume and then decrease over time.

the movie star body actually does the opposite. in phase one, start with the least amount of volume per workout to build a base of strength. in phase three, your strength has improved, so it’s okay to add some “pretty muscle” on top with extra bulk to induce sarcoplasmic hypertrophy.

I also like that a diet change is made in phase three. I probably can’t reveal the details, but the meal plan is tweaked in a way that slows fat loss and tries to maximize muscle glycogen storage so you’ll have plenty of fuel to get through each of your high-volume workouts. p>

things I don’t like about the show

too much padding

I bet about 30% of what’s in this program could have been removed entirely and it would still be just as effective. what does that say about the movie star body? there is too much padding.

for example, there is a section called “the problem with most bodyweight courses” and it is 2659 words long. another section is called “7 Unique Advantages of Elite Bodyweight Training” and is 1606 words long.

none of these sections teach “what to do” or “how to do it”. it’s all “why”.

it’s like “greg, we know bodyweight training is important and we want to learn from you. that’s why we bought your course…duh.”

Another issue that adds to the fluff in this course is unnecessary repetition between sections.

For example, in the section “The Movie Stars Complete Bodyweight Program!” you will find a written section that gives an overview of the training program, which muscles you will work and your training goals.

then if you click on the next section you will find almost exactly the same g.d. information in the introduction. again.

These aren’t the only occurrences of unnecessary padding on the movie star show I’ve come across. That begs a question…

why all the padding?

let me speculate…

first, i think greg o’gallagher used “speech-to-text” technology to just talk about his ideas and create the course without having to type. Actually, this is a pretty smart idea if you’re a busy business person trying to create content quickly.

However, you should go back and do some serious editing when you create content like that. I guess he and his team didn’t do that.

Second, kinobody believes that in order to charge more for a program, you need to add more things. While it’s true that you can’t sell a high-priced program that doesn’t offer much value, the key word is “value.”

the content you added to this program to try to justify the price is worthless. repeating the same information throughout the program does not provide more value. stuffing modules with thousands of words of information that no one cares to read provides no more value.

strength standards are not as useful as kinobody thinks

I’ll take a controversial stance here and say that force standards do more harm than good. there it is.

Now, before you start driving to my house with pitchforks and torches, let me clear it up.

strength standards are good for people who have:

  • healthy joints
  • adequate time to devote to implementing the program “as is”
  • short to medium limb length

In other words, if you’re already a healthy person who knows how to organize your time and don’t have overly long limbs, then strength standards could be a strong motivational tool to keep you on track with your training. .

for all others, these strength standards may not apply.

If you don’t have healthy knees, you may never squat twice your bodyweight. if you don’t have healthy shoulders, you can never bench 225 pounds. heck, you may not even be able to do these specific exercises.

and that’s fine.

If you don’t have the time to dedicate a full hour, three days a week to training “as is” and you basically have to break up training into smaller, more frequent sessions per week…

You may not meet these strength standards either. and that’s fine.

If you’re 6′ 3″ and have long legs, when you barbell squat, you literally have to move your weight farther than someone who’s 5′ 7″. your squat strength standards will be different.

if you’re 6′ 2″ and have long arms that reach your knees, the same goes if you’re doing chin-ups or incline bench presses. you literally have to move your weight a greater distance than someone with longer arms short.

For these reasons, I don’t think the force standards apply to everyone.

Personally, I think the right way to think about strength training is to try to lift more than you did last time. what’s wrong with that?

The real problem with kinobody strength standards is that they can turn clients off and make them feel like they’re “failing” in the program because they’re not strong enough, even if they look like a million bucks.

6% body fat claims are unrealistic

In a movie star body, a lot of emphasis is placed on trying to achieve 6-9% body fat. while this can definitely be achieved naturally, getting below 8% body fat and maintaining it is very difficult.

First of all, it’s unhealthy to go below 8% body fat. your body needs a layer of fat to keep your hormones balanced and keep you alive.

Also, many women don’t think 6% body fat is attractive. let it sink in.

Once you drop below 8-10% body fat, your hormones start to kick back and convince you that you need to eat more.

  • hunger cravings begin to increase
  • may have headaches throughout the day
  • becomes noticeably more irritable
  • your desire decreases
  • li>

and claiming getting to 6% body fat is where you want to be… that’s crazy.

I’ll put it on the record that you can never keep that up all year long. hell, professional bodybuilders have trouble maintaining 5% body fat for more than a day at a time.

I think a much more reasonable target is 9-10% body fat. when you go below 12%, you start to develop abdominal definition. going below that is really the icing on the cake.

movie star body review: is it worth it?

The main promise of the kinobody movie star body program is that you can build a lean body with aesthetic muscular proportions comparable to those of Hollywood actors.

I think it’s possible with this program? yes.

the body of the movie star is a complete program based on good advice. there are diet guidelines, workout routines, and support through the facebook community that should keep you on the right track.

The high definition exercise tutorials in the program provide great value to clients and the overall three phase system seems to be well thought out.

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