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Review : Naandhi – Allari Nareshs One Man Show |

Nandi movie review

allari naresh is striving for a hit and to that end he has switched gears and is ready with his new release, naandhi. the courtroom drama was released today and let’s see what it’s like.


surya(allari naresh) is a middle-class software employee leading a happy life with his parents and fiancé. one fine day, he is suddenly arrested for the murder of a prominent activist and is sentenced to five long years. this is the moment when a lawyer (varalakshmi sarathkumar) enters surya’s life and breaks him out of jail. The rest of the story is how Surya takes revenge on the guilty by filing the Section 211 case. What is this case and how Surya uses it to catch the criminals in the story.

points in favor: naandhi is surely one of the best films in allari naresh’s career. Naresh is the king of comedy, but every time he tries different things, everyone appreciates it. the outstanding actor gives one of the best performances of his career and is at his best with his emotional outbursts. he had a difficult role to play and carrying emotions for so long is usually difficult, but naresh gives an award-winning performance. all the prison scenes where he breaks down will surely move you.

varalakshmi sarathkumar has suddenly become this superstar in tollywood and is slaying every one of her roles. she receives splendid applause even for her simple entry into naandhi. if jayamma in krack was strong, varalakshmi has class and thrills through her strong eyes and her body language in naandhi. She, as a lawyer, has a strong screen presence and her voice is a great strength for the film.

comedian praveen is very good as naresh’s friend and moves superbly in key scenes. priyadarshi was good as him and so was srikanth iyengar as a lawyer. Harish Uttaman, who played the role of negative cop, was also impressive.

the emotions in the film are very strong in the first half and one easily connects with naresh’s pain. the jail atmosphere, court setting, and storytelling are all good during this time. sricharan pakala’s bgm is also quite impressive. negative points:

The pace in the second half drops a bit after the interesting first half. the director highlights section 211 criminal law and takes the movie to another angle entirely. This all starts off well but the narrative is a bit jaded and things rush towards the end.

one would expect gripping courtroom drama after the entrance of a lawyer like srikanth iyengar. but that doesn’t happen as the routine political bigwigs get involved and try to threaten the hero. those things take center stage and things get a bit routine.

If the director had narrated the technical aspects of section 211 with a little more clarity and handled the film in a confrontational courtroom mode, things would have gone well.

technical aspects:

naandhi has a very good camera work as the prison and court images are good. the mood created through lighting is quite impressive. the editing is decent and so were the dialogues. the production values ​​are very good as the film is shown in a new light.

referring to the director vijay, he has done a decent job with the film. he didn’t sidetrack the film with commercial elements and stayed true to the emotions. his narration is impressive as he handles the subject in a tense manner and introduces the characters very well. If he had added more exciting court scenes in the last part, the movie would have been effective.


Overall, naandhi is a dark and interesting courtroom drama with a good premise. allari naresh surprises everyone with the best performance of her career and carries the film on her shoulders. Except for a slow second half and a fast-paced climax, this movie has impressive performances and ends like clockwork for all those who like serious dramas. rating: 3/5

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