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Rakshasudu Telugu Movie Review |

Rakshakudu telugu movie review

rakshasudu is a movie that is a do or die situation for bellamkonda sreenivas as she needs to get a hit to stay afloat in the industry. the movie has hit the screens today and let’s see how the movie turns out.


arun (bellamkonda srinivas) is a struggling director who lands his father’s police job. At the same time, teenage girls in the city continue to be kidnapped one after another. The case reaches Arun and his team. The twist in the story comes when Arun’s Nice is suddenly kidnapped. the rest of the story is about how arun solves the case and catches the killer behind him.

positive points:

the concept of the film is very good and has been narrated in an exciting way. even though you know there is a serial killer who will be caught in the end, the way the cops reach him through good cat and mouse play has been handled well.

bellamkonda srinivas sheds her massive image and amazes with her acting talent. he is clean and plays according to his character and shows superb emotions throughout the movie. anupama parameswaran gets a decent role and puts it to good use.

rajeev kanakala is apt in his role as a policeman and his performance in one particular scene during the kidnapping of his daughter is amazing. supporting characters like kasi vishwanath and other actors did his job well. the realistic environment looks good. the second half becomes even more gripping and the director handles the climax well. the twists shown are quite impressive and the director handles them well.

negative points:

The pre-climax could have been handled well, as there is a scene where a cop catches the killer and the killer doesn’t shoot him. just to prolong the movie, the scenes are diverted and this could have been avoided.

The film is the remake of a well-known Tamil hit and all those who have seen the original through digital streaming will find the film a bit boring. the film lacks all the commercial aspects and all those who are looking for entertainment will be a bit disappointed.

technical aspects:

ghibran’s background score adds a lot of depth to the film and takes the last 20 minutes to another level. the production values ​​are decent as the setting, actors, and production design have been retained from the original. Compound fights look good. the editing is adequate, as is the gripping camerawork that showed the film in a taut manner.

referring to the director ramesh varma, he has done a decent job with the film and stayed true to the original. he didn’t experiment much and added unnecessary scenes or fights for bellamkonda which is awesome. his narration is exciting as he managed to show the movie without many boring moments, which is the best point.


Overall, rakshasudu will give bellamkonda srinivas the much needed break he has been eagerly awaiting. The movie has a decent premise and a tense narrative filled with good suspense makes for an enjoyable movie watching experience. thriller fans will love the movie and the rest will find it decent. recommended. rating: 3.25/5

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