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RX100 Telugu Movie Review | Kartikeya RX 100 |

Rx 100 telugu movie review

rx100 is a film that has created quite a stir for itself. the romantic drama has hit the screens today and let’s see if the movie lives up to all its expectations or not.


The story of the movie is based on a rural village of godavari and shiva(karthikeya) is a hardhead who falls in love with indhu(payal rajput). love blossoms between the couple and just when it’s time to reveal the affair to their elders, the couple part ways through a very shocking twist. What is that twist? How will the couple handle this delicate situation? and what happens in the end? that forms the rest of the story.

positive points:

One of the main plus points is the basic concept. a story like this has not been handled till now in telugu movies and it is the mainstay of the second half and surprises the audience. ramki, a senior actor, is impressive in the pivotal role of him.

newcomer karthikeya gets a perfect launch pad with rx100. She gets a good margin to show her talent and has worked hard on her appearance and is also good at all the emotional scenes. The heroine Payal Rajput is the surprise package of the film as her role is quite forceful. the young heroine has done her role well and impressive with her role.

The first half shows a decent love story and has good visual appeal that will captivate the younger generation. the climax is quite well thought out and the emotions work perfectly for the last half hour. Rao Ramesh is apt in the role of him and brings a lot of depth to the movie.

negative points:

The movie needs serious editing right away. the running time is a bit too long and it is necessary to cut about 15 minutes of the film. there are about four songs in the first half and two of them need to be removed immediately.

Certain fight scenes haven’t gone on very long and this is where things get a bit bogged down in the second half. Also, the movie has a strong premise and may not go down well with all sections of the audience.

technical aspects:

The music of the film is good but the songs disturb the flow of the film. the background score is adequate and elevates the film very well. a special mention to the excellent camera work as it shows the town magnificently set up. the production design is good as the props used in the film look authentic. the dialogues are excellent and the writing for rao ramesh is amazing.

referring to director ajay, he has done a pretty decent job with his movie. his writing is good and the narration for most of the movie is impressive. but he sidetracks the movie many times with unnecessary songs and scenes and this is where things get stuck.


Overall, rx100 is a very offbeat love story with a twist that is told in an interesting way. decent performances and interesting settings are core assets. This is not your usual dance-romance movie as it has a lot of hard-hitting elements that youngsters will like. if you are fed up with routine commercial movies and want to see something different, this movie is for you. rating: 3/5

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