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Varadhi telugu movie review

Continuing the trend of low budget movies, another romantic artist named Varadhi has hit the screens today. Starring Sri Divya and Kranthi in the lead roles, this film is directed by Satish Karthikeya. Let’s see now how about the movie.


gautam (hemanth) is a young university student who falls in love with his classmate aradhana (sri divya). During the last day of college, Aradhana proposes to Hemanth and he happily accepts her love. Unfortunately, his happiness is short-lived as he dies in an accident.

as time goes by, the story changes to hyderabad. One fine day, an egotistical psychopath named Vinay (Kranthi) sees Aradhana and follows her. A depressed Aradhana, who is still very much in love with Hemanth, keeps ignoring Vinay. The twist in the story comes when Vinay is injured in an accident. From there, Vinay begins to see human spirits around him and also meets Hemanth’s spirit.

learns about hemanth’s tragic love story and decides to do something for aaradhana. the rest of the story is how a cruel vinay changes himself and manages to convince aradhana.

positive points:-

the main selling point of the movie is the main couple kranthi and sri divya. They have both done a wonderful job and fit their roles perfectly. the young kranthi hero is quite promising and carries the entire film on his shoulders. he shows decent talent and is exceptional in emotional scenes.

sri divya looks beautiful as the girl next door. she portrays decent emotions and brings a lot of depth to the film. Although the young actor Hemanth has a limited scope, he does an excellent job. the first half of the movie is light-hearted and has some funny elements. the love episodes that come during this time and kranthi’s characterization is a big plus.

the conversation scenes between hemanth and kranthi are clever and well executed. some emotional scenes that come during the second half are well designed. srinivasa reddy’s comedy track brings decent entertainment.

negative points:-

The main drawback of the film is its length. If the filmmakers had been able to edit out a few unimportant scenes, the film would have turned out differently. It takes forever for the director to establish the character of the hero and this consumes most of the execution time.

the real reason why the main character sees spirits around him is not made clear until the end. the movie has many scenes showing these spirits and could have been easily avoided. To commercialize this movie, some scenes were added that were completely unnecessary.

technical aspects:-

rajendra kosani’s camera work is pretty decent. it makes good use of the resources provided and presents the film in a decent light. vijay gorthi’s music is good and all the songs are meaningful. as stated above, the film’s editing is sub-par, as several scenes could have been cut. coming to the director’s satisfaction, he makes a good debut. Although her story is inspired by a Hollywood movie, she has narrated the movie decently. If she had opted for a shorter runtime and made the movie sharper, the result would have been better.


Overall, Varadhi has an interesting premise and entertains you to some extent. decent performances by the star cast and sensitive emotions are core assets. on the other hand, some long cutscenes and long running time make the viewer uncomfortable. look at it without expectations and you might end up liking it. rating: 2.75/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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