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Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam review. Yennanga Sir Unga Sattam Tamil movie review, story, rating –

Ennanga sir unga sattam movie review

Video Ennanga sir unga sattam movie review

yennanga sir unga sattam: bold, honest, innovative and entertaining

Young writer-director prabhu jeyaram, a welcome new find, has the authority to deliver his messages boldly while also gaining much from his innovative storytelling.

Rarely, Tamil cinema produces movies that come out of nowhere with minimal expectations but surprising everyone and bringing a new experience to the audiences. ‘ennanga sir unga sattam’ is one of those films that is delightfully entertaining and honest in delivering its strong messages despite its shortcomings.

‘yennanga sir unga sattam’ is actually two very different stories with the same cast, which in itself is groundbreaking and provides a completely new cinematic experience. An aspiring filmmaker tells the coming-of-age story of a film producer and is about the romantic escapades of a young man played by R.S. karthik. at various stages he falls in love with three women belonging to the Christian, Muslim and Hindu religions and is hilariously recounted how each relationship breaks down. especially the scene where karthik tricks his mother into changing his name will bring the roof down. when the producer is unmoved by the story, the aspiring filmmaker proceeds to narrate a serious story of how reservations in government sector jobs affect three young men from high and low castes. what follows is an honest, thought-provoking script that leaves you glued to the screen.

The best actress in ‘ennanga sir unga sattam’ is the veteran Rohini actress, who perfectly plays a woman of little intelligence in the first part and transforms into a high-ranking government official in the second. RS Karthik, although she is reminiscent of ‘Attakathi’ in the first half, she is very convincing as the jobless Romeo in the first half and the undercast priest in the second. Junior Balayya, Ayraa, Bhagavathi Perumaal and the rest of the cast have done the part of her well. of ‘bigg boss’ fame meera mitun appears in a character very close to her real life personality and provides great relief in an intense episode.

There are more than a few things that work best in ‘yennanga sir unga sattam’ and the first is the innovative style of first getting the audience to have a good time with a light story and then delivering the relevant messages without any clutter. commitment. In a second. although on the surface level the first half seems light, the politics within the family, between the boy and the girl and the influence of caste and religion on the romance have been clearly underlined. Coming into the second half, the film is very honest in taking its stance that uplifting the poor is what is important, regardless of what caste they belong to.

The dialogue is powerful, uncompromising and forceful, and would have received a lot of applause if the film was released in theaters. the climactic sequence shown side by side of a lower class brahmin, a lower caste priest and a poverty stricken man struggling to achieve their life goals and the factors affecting them is a truly riveting watch.

on the other hand, some of the scenes are staged in a not so complimentary way that dilutes the intensity. budget constraints are quite obvious in some sequences and rohini’s actions at the climax to help a deserving candidate are not so convincing despite the fact that the director himself uses it as a ploy to give a hopeful ending.

guna balasubramaniam’s music is happy in the first half and his little songs for romance are catchy. “jeeraga biryani” and the melancholic song in the second half are memorable. other technical contributions are on par. Passion Studios, known for backing meaningful movies, is behind this little gem. The young writer-director Prabhu Jeyaram, a welcome new find, has the authority to convey his messages boldly and at the same time has also gained a lot from his innovative storytelling.

verdict: don’t miss this innovative and entertaining film that is honest in delivering its bold messages

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