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Mister movie review

mister is a do or die movie for sreenu vaitla as the success of this movie will bring him back into the game. After a big round of promotions, the family drama is released today and let’s see if sreenu vaitla comes back or not.


chai(varun) is a nri living in spain who falls in love with meera(hebah patel). but to her bad luck, meera likes someone else and she goes back to india for her wedding. One fine day, she calls Chai and tells her that she is in a lot of trouble and asks him to save her from her.

With no other choice, Chai lands in India, but Chandramukhi (Lavanya) and her family embroil her in even bigger trouble. the rest of the story is how chai deals with these girls’ problems by himself and ends up marrying one of them.

positive points:-

The first half has some funny moments as the love story between Varun and Hebah has been shown decently. you can watch the vintage comedy sreenu vaitla during this time as the srinivasa reddy and raghu babu episode evokes a lot of fun.

varun tej performs the best he can and tries to carry the film to the end. acting wise, he has done a decent job and is getting better with each movie. hebah patel gets a meaty role and does well with her simple character. Unfortunately, Lavanya Tripathi had very little to do in the film, but she makes the most of it and looks elegant in the traditional role of him.

the comedy of prudhvi and shake seshu entertains in places during the second half. the film’s production values ​​are top notch. especially the foreign locations chosen and the way they have been used look great in the film.

negative points:-

Once again, sreenu vaitla falls short of expectations and derails the movie. just when you think she’s back with a decent first half, vailta does the last ten minutes in the first half and the whole second half is going to be thrown away.

the plot becomes so illogical that many characters keep getting into the process for no reason. Each main character has a flashback and the setting of Karnataka and the Kings shown will not irritate you to any extent. you immediately start to wonder what’s going on in the process, as not even a cutscene makes sense during this time.

The climax of the film is another disappointment, as the forced family emotions and unnecessary fights bring you down. In addition to this, the runtime of the movie is also too long and it makes you wonder what the creators were doing during the editing time. there are too many boring comedy scenes in the movie that keep popping up from time to time. especially the scenes of shakalaka shankar and priyadarshi and many more things like this should have been removed.

technical aspects:-

sreenu vaitla makes the movie look pretty grand as the production values ​​and the town setting look realistic. the camera work is very good as the europe images and india settings have been shown through some top aerial shots. the dialogues are witty in the purest sreenu vaitla style. the editing is pathetic as at least 15 minutes of the film could easily have been removed. varun tej’s style isn’t impressive as he looks pretty clueless as an nri.

as for the director sreenu vaitla, even after giving continual failures, he has taken the part of the story and the execution quite calmly and has made the actors suffer in some horribly executed roles. things get even more difficult as the story becomes aimless and goes into another zone without any meaning. the way sreenu vailta brings in unnecessary characters at every juncture is the movie’s biggest drawback. it’s like watching different movies in one movie. except for inducing some fun here and there, sreenu vaitla’s work is below average.


Overall, Mister is a movie that’s only good in parts. there’s some decent fun to be had during the first half and it also has a good all-star cast to support. but it is the execution that looks weak as the entire second part is completely disoriented and off track. Finally, if you don’t mind the routine storyline and are okay with some over-the-top procedures, you can give this movie a go only if you have nothing else to do. but for others who are looking for something interesting, look for other options too. rating: 2.75/5

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