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Review : Pelli SandaD – Outdated love story |

Pelli sandadi movie review

Senior star couple Srikanth and Ooha’s son Roshann made their hero debuts with newly released romance artist Pelli Sandad. The film also marks the acting debut of veteran filmmaker K Raghavendra Rao. these two factors generated a decent buzz for the film. let’s see if the movie managed to live up to the hype.


vashishtha (k raghavendra rao) is a dronacharya award winner and basketball champion. he narrates his life story to rajendra prasad. The film goes into a flashback and shows the love story of the young Vashishtha (Roshann). Vashishtha falls in love with Sahasra (Sree Leela) at his cousin’s wedding.

However, a conflict arises when Sahasra’s father (Prakash Raj) objects to their relationship and arranges his marriage to his cousin Chintoo (Vennela Kishore). The rest of the story is about how Vashishtha and Sahasra manage to convince Prakash Raj and win her love.

positive points:

Newcomer Roshann scores well with his handsome looks and confident acting. he surely acquired the acting skills from his parents and shows great ease and has an impressive presence on screen. His dancing skills are decent and he will surely become a star in the future if he picks the right scripts. he does, however, need to work on his expressions and body language in emotional scenes.

Veteran filmmaker k raghavendra rao, who directed more than 100 films in his 4-decade career, is well into his acting debut. his character has nothing substantial to accomplish. newbie sree leela is a good find. she oozes glamor and confidence equally well. Her energetic acting and dancing skills will surely occupy her in the future.

negative points:

the title of pelli sandad has a unique and modern touch. but unfortunately, all the innovation ends with the title itself, as the story is old and even the execution is lackluster. the movie has k raghavendra rao’s characteristic screen embellishments like fruits, flowers, balls and… nothing else.

The basic story, comedy, emotions, drama and even the characterizations of the actors in Pelli Sandad give us the feeling that we are watching Telugu movies from the 80s and 90s. Pelli Sandad not only gets its title from roshann’s father srikanth’s oldtime blockbuster pelli sandadi, but it also looks and feels like the 1996 movie, which means we’re looking at a movie from the 90s but made in 2021.

Logic bets on a great release in pelli sandad. The main character Vashishtha of K Raghavendra Rao narrates the flashback of him, who is at least 6 decades old. but the flashback setting, the actors’ costumes, and the production design are hip and modern and don’t have any nostalgic vibes. this is ridiculous and will surely leave the audience baffled.

technical aspects:

k raghavendra rao, who directed more than 100 films, is the directing supervisor of pelli sandad. but the less said about the film’s script and direction, the better. debuting director gowri ronanki fails to impress with her execution. however, she manages to handle some emotional scenes in the second half and extract excellent performances from the actors from her.

Production values ​​are decent, but it’s a million dollar question why the baahubali makers decided to produce pelli sandad. some of the songs composed by mm keeravani are good on screen. the cinematography is decent, but the editing could have been sharper. most of the scenes seem pointless and test our patience.


pelli sandad is a goofy, silly, boring romantic drama that fails to engage us in almost every department from the start. Except for the impressive performances of the main actors, the film seems outdated and offers absolutely nothing new. you can watch this movie if you want to cheer up the newcomers. otherwise you can catch up on some ott platform. rating: 2.25/5

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