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Samanthakamani movie review

sriram aditya’s samantakamani has been creating quite a stir everywhere. the movie that has four star heroes has finally hit the screens today. let’s see how it is.


The story of the movie is based on an expensive car named samantkamani which is owned by krishna (sudheer babu). One fine day the car is stolen from a rich place in hyderabad and a corrupt policeman (nara rohit) is given the responsibility to catch the criminals.

During his investigation, Rohit discovers that a petty thief (Sundeep Kishan), a young lover (Aadi), and a mechanic (Rajendra Prasad) are involved in the case. the rest of the story shows who stole samantakamani and what happens to them in the end.

positive points:-

One of the biggest points in favor of the film is the interesting story. even though the point is old, the way the story has unfolded between different characters is very impressive. All the heroes have equal parts in the film, as the director Sriram has recorded the role of all of them quite convincingly. if the role of rajendra prasad evokes good fun at all times, sudheer babu’s emotional quotient in playing her is good and one can connect with this role on a personal level.

Although Sundeep Kishan’s role was small, his experience and screen presence elevate the proceedings quite decently. Aadi does well in her role. characters like these, which are adapted to his age and image, will surely take him higher.

comedian raghu has a meaty role and all of his investigative and comedy scenes with nara rohit are decent. rohit is pretty solid in the cop avatar of him and he brings depth to the movie. the second half is where all the fun begins, as the movie ends quite well with proper justification. the indraja and rajendra prasad track is well written.

negative points:-

After starting the film on an interesting note, director Sriram Aditya discusses each character’s flashback and their stories. It’s not that it’s bad, but they are a bit slow and take away the interest of the viewer to know what happened to the car.

There was a lot of comedy in many areas, but the director stayed true to the plot and made it run on a flat note in places. since not much happens during the first half, some commercial elements could easily have been added.

technical aspects:-

The production values ​​are quite good, as the film is mostly set in night mode and the cameraman showed the proceedings in strong light. the dialogues are funny and so was the background score by mani sharma. editing is pretty decent as the crisp runtime helps procedurals a lot.

as for the director sriram aditya, he chose a simple story but wrote his characters well. he also scores points for choosing standout heroes and this is where the movie clicks as the presence of these stars makes the proceedings all the more interesting. As for the direction, samantakamani is a better movie than bhale manchi roju.


Overall, samantakamani surely lives up to your expectations of a popcorn multi-star. Although the plot is quite simple, the presence of rising stars keeps things entertaining. surely all the heroes should be appreciated for accepting the movie, as more stories and different genres will emerge if the actors drop their egos and come together. finally, if you ignore the slightly boring first half and predictable story, samantakamani has some good entertainment and makes up for a fun one to watch this weekend rating: 3/5

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