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Soggade chinni nayana telugu movie review

akkineni nagarjuna always presents interesting movies in his career. This time, he brings you a complete family entertainer in the form of Soggade Chinni Nayana. After a huge round of promotions, this movie has hit the screens today. let’s see how it turns out.


The story of the film is based on a native Andhra village and takes place amidst the family of the late Bangara Raju (Nagarjuna). The film opens with Bangara Raju’s son, again played by Nagarjuna and his wife (Lavanya), who are about to get divorced. The couple arrive in their home village and confront their problem with Bangara Raju’s wife, Satya (Ramya Krishna).

An upset satya locks herself in the room and is confronted by a huge portrait of her late husband. Ella Satya reveals to him that she has gotten into big trouble after her death and begs him to do something about it. the rest of the story is how a dead bangara raju comes back to life and solves all the family problems from him.

positive points:-

it’s so good to see nagarjuna in a role backed by an author after such a long time. Soggade is Nagarjuna’s one man show as the script, character and look suits his real life personality in a big way. Nagarjuna is at his best and amazes the audience with his appearance and his mesmerizing act. he has shown good variations in both his roles, and his chemistry with ramya krishna and lavanya is just amazing.

Another core asset of the film is the family orientation that will connect one and all. the rustic locales, subtle romance and feel-good songs, which are rare these days, have been executed well. ramya krishna is excellent in the role of her and she looks beautiful even at this age.

Credit should go to the director for shooting all the roles beautifully. all the characters are of equal importance and the way they fit into the plot is pretty good. Lavanya is apt in her role and brings a decent effect to the proceedings with her traditional avatar.

Anasuya impresses in her cameo and has an impressive screen presence. the first half of the movie is quite lively and has good family thrills and comedy. Nasser and Sampath are decent in her roles.

negative points:-

the sticking point of the movie is a bit simple and has nothing interesting to offer. the pace of the film during the second half drops a bit due to certain scenes deviating from the main plot.

although brahmanandam is good, some of its scenes during the first half could have been edited. the plot of the movie is pretty predictable and once the twist is revealed, the proceedings get bogged down. Although the movie is quite entertaining during the first half, the real story only begins in the second half.

technical aspects:-

The music in the movie is very impressive as all the songs are quite relaxing and they are also shot very well. the production values ​​are top notch and the excellent camera work only adds to the great town footage. the dialogue is quirky and suits the mood of the film well. The script of the film is quite simple, since the creators have played with the galleries and added scenes that everyone will like.

referring to the director kalyan krishna, he has done an excellent job with the film. From the very first frame he grabs your attention with wholesome entertainment and introduces nagarjuna in an entertaining way. Although his story is quite simple, the way he narrated the movie with decent family emotions is what makes this movie work.


Whenever Nagarjuna has played entertaining roles, the movies have always fit the bill. The same is the case with Soggade Chinni Nayana who is a complete family entertainer. Nagarajuna’s live performance and some very well executed family thrills are great assets to this film. Except for the slow pace during the second half, this movie ends up being an enjoyment for all sections of the audience in this sankranthi season. rating: 3.5/5 reviewed by 123telugu team

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